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quick help...sprm web/interr.

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Bloodletting, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. Bloodletting

    Bloodletting Arachnobaron

    ok, my vagans is now making his sperm web, i am taping it and here is the problem/question...

    i am a teacher, my kids come arrive in 15 minutes. will the vibrations and movement stop the male and if so, what will be the consequences?

    I do have the option of taking them to another room while he is working on the web.

    also, it is halloween and i have grade 6, they will be a bit wild.


    scott bloodletting
  2. It might disturb him a little but he'll go back to finishing the web when things calm down. There should be no perminant alteration of his future from a little disturbance.
  3. butch4skin

    butch4skin Arachnoprince

    Once males mature they're on a mission, and nothing can really stop them permanently, except death of course. He may hide when things get real loud, but he'll go back to doing his thing first chance he gets.
  4. Bloodletting

    Bloodletting Arachnobaron

    The kids came very calm. They are all familiar with the tarantulas, we have over 200 on our classroom and each has their own. Special thanks to Jim :)

    They all got to watch as we were taping. He seems to be finishing up.

    Thanks much,

    Scott bloodletting
  5. Bloodletting

    Bloodletting Arachnobaron

    He is done. well over an hour later. I have an awesome video. Right down to the destruction of the web.