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Question about my irminia

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Snakeguybuffalo, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. Snakeguybuffalo

    Snakeguybuffalo Arachnosquire

    Now, I bought this P. irminia a couple of weeks ago and it's my first spider of this genus. I've read up about them, and seem to notice that most people that keep these regard them as very bitey and lightning quick:evil: . For the most part, he's only acted like a very docile pink toe when he's handled (and I knew what I was "getting into" by handling him). I've only once seen his lightning quick speed, where he went from the back of my hand, to my back in a blink. But he's never showed any kind of threat display or aggression. Am I just handling him right so he doesn't feel threatened, or did I get really lucky and pick up a very docile one? Just wanted to open up a recent thread to talk about people suntigers and to hear your experiences with them. The picture I attached was taken about an hour after a molt. Looking at the inside of the molt leads me to believe this is a male :(
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  2. 7mary3

    7mary3 Arachnodemon

    Looking at that color leads me to think that it's a female. A pic of the molt or a ventral pic of the T would help tons in that regard. As far as Psalmos go.... generally speaking they're not the best for handling. They can be lightning fast, tho it's in bursts (think sprinter.... tons of speed, no stamina). They can also have a bad attitude. It really depends on the individual T. Some are more prone to being laid back. With a sp. that is traditionally considered a "no touchy, just looky" T, I'd play it safe and keep the handling to a minimum. They do tend to bite, though their venom isn't bad when compared to that of pokies or heteroscodras. Mainly their speed is the concern for handling, simply because an accidental drop or fall could easily be fatal... which would really suck for such a gorgeous T (well, it's no good in general, but I'd hate to see a Psalmo go)..... it's your call, but always gauge the mood of the T first, no need to get tagged if it can be avoided. That being said, please post a pic of the molt or of the ventral side of the T. Also, how big is it? I ask about size because with this sp. the females tend to get that much brigher orange to black contrast as they get larger, whereas the males tend to be much more subdued in color. When they're slings though, they all look the same for coloration. Also, this is clearly past the sling stage, it looks to be a juvie, but it could be in between the color transition...... still though, gut says girl. Which makes you a lucky guy if we're right.
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  3. Rochelle

    Rochelle Arachnoprince

    It does look awful colorful for a boy....
  4. Noexcuse4you

    Noexcuse4you Arachnodemon Old Timer

    Males don't lose their color until their ultimate molt.
  5. Snakeguybuffalo

    Snakeguybuffalo Arachnosquire

    That's what my understanding is as well. The males turn that bright fuzzy grey with their ultimate molt. Anyhow, I don't ever handle him (or her as you guys may think) unless I'm sitting on the floor so it wont fall far in case it decides to jump and fall. Like I said, it's been acting really nice and docile for me, waving it's arms in the air at me as it walks from hand to hand, with the exception of the one time it went from my hand to the middle of my back in the time it took me to blink! It's about 3 1/4 inches after this last molt, so it's well past sling size. I will try to take a ventral pic of it and post it in the sexing gallery soon, so take a look when it's up there. I think I just got really lucky with the docility of this little one.
  6. Rochelle

    Rochelle Arachnoprince

    I think you got lucky, too.
    It's beautiful; whatever it turns out to be. ;)
  7. DeTwan

    DeTwan Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Of all the Ts I have ever owned the only one I wouldnt think of holding was my 7" female. Now I have held all my pokies and even my ornamental baboon, and I have had a thread pose from all of them. Not while handling but as I try to force them out of their cage... some come out without getting fussy and that is the best time to hold a defensive T, if you can get them out of their enclosure without a threat display.
    The thing about the suntiger that I owned was that the instant you opened its enclosure it would instantly rear up and if you got anything near her she would dilberately attack it, being a butter knife, paint brush, or your hand.

    That is the reason I never held this spider b/c I just could not get her out w/o a huge fuss. It is just that this spider would not settle... so I know I would have gotten bitten... even my hatian brown would simmer down for handling but not the suntiger.

    As for your it sound like you have a rather tame one which is not out of the ordinary... ever T has its own personality!!!

    But I wouldnt be suprised if one day once mature it become alot more fiesty:D
  8. Snakeguybuffalo

    Snakeguybuffalo Arachnosquire

    New pic

    Here is my suntiger a week and a half and a couple of meals after the last molt. Like I said, it is almost exactly 3 1/4 inches
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  9. Snakeguybuffalo

    Snakeguybuffalo Arachnosquire

    I added some ventral pics to the epiandrous fusillae category of the tarantula sexing section. Feel free to take a look and let me know what you think.
  10. funnylori

    funnylori Arachnobaron

    I think you are right. You won't be dissapointed when he matures though. They are quite stunning fuzzy grey when mature.
  11. UrbanJungles

    UrbanJungles Arachnoprince

    Here's what a mature males looks like...and he won't look like this until after his ultimate molt.

  12. funnylori

    funnylori Arachnobaron

    My male was stunning after maturing. He's still wet in the photo and you can't see all of him, but you get the idea.