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Pupation of Dytiscidae

Discussion in 'Insects, Other Invertebrates & Arthropods' started by biggus dickus, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. biggus dickus

    biggus dickus Arachnopeon

    Hello, I caught a large dytiscidae larvae in a local pond. I have been feed it crickets for about a week and it had a hearty appetite. It stopped feeding today so I think It might be ready to pupate.

    Has anyone successfully kept this kind of beetle? Do I need to do anything for it other than giving it some soil to borrow into?
  2. beetleman

    beetleman Arachnoking Old Timer

    exactly.give it soil/moss very moist,it will crawl out of the water and bury itself there,it will make its own pupal cell there,acouple of weeks it will remain there without being disturbed,it will emerge from there,good luck i used to raise them all the time.very interesting to observe.