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Problem with P. cambridgei eggsac

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by TiberiuSahly, Jul 17, 2010.

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    I carried out a mating attempt with P. cambridgei somewhere in January-February 2010. The male was not very responsive and got eaten so I had no real hopes for succes.
    A few weeks ago I left on a vacancy and returned the day before yesterday. I was positive the female P. cambridgei was going to molt (she had not molted since pairing) and when I got home I found her locked up in her burrow. Wanting to see how she looked in new clothes, naturally I opened the burrow. The surprise came when instead of a molt I found the female with a sac.
    As I had already stressed the female the only thing I could think of was pulling the sac, which I did. Made an incubator, opened the sac and rolled the eggs on the incubator. Inside I found 112 eggs, of which 7 were clearly infertile so I removed them (they were already dried up).
    So now the problem is I don't know when the female has laid the sack and whether I pulled it too early or not.
    Tell me what you think - do the eggs look fertile, cause I have never seen any other egg sacs and have no previous experience on breeding tarantulas.
    Incubator with eggs:



    Best regards,
  2. They eggs do not look fertile to me. A give away is when you find some larger eggs in the group that look like they don't belong. Every time I have seen big eggs like that the whole clutch has been infertile. You can see one of those larger eggs in the upper right hand corner of your first picture. That and the coloring of the eggs tells me infertile.
  3. Thanks for the input! Yours was an opinion I was really counting on.
    Indeed I have found 2-3 larger eggs. I will continue to incubate them for "training", even if it is a dud. It will come in handy when I get some real results.

    Thank you again and best regards,