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Question Posting Images

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting / Suggestions' started by The Snark, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. The Snark

    The Snark هرج و مرج مهندس Old Timer

    Is there some established criteria for how to post what images where? As in, we have slap dash cut and paste political cartoons The Snark sprays around in the Watering Hole, every day images in various threads - some with thumbnails, some without, some 3/5 the size of your average deity, and all the way up to the Gallery images which are somehow more pertinent/permanent/important/whatever.

    Am I the only one getting royally confused here? And while I'm on the subject, do we have image size limits? Does the board automatically resize? What limitations and restrictions are enforced? Can I post a 6000x4000 dpi image of a blurry something on the back of someones head? Do I need to post the permission of that someone, spelled out in Latin?

    Clue me.
  2. EulersK

    EulersK Arachnoworm Staff Member

    Alright, firstly, please do not begin to upload those pictures to the formal gallery. Attaching them to your thread/post is more than sufficient. Beyond that, I don't know what it is exactly that you're asking in the first paragraph.

    Concerning your second paragraph; it doesn't seem that there is a limit to individual photo size, but rather a data size. That is, you can make your photo as high of a resolution as you want... so long as it fits within a certain cap of data per upload. You are familiar with computers, surely you know what I'm talking about here. We allow more than just .jpeg uploads within a post - .zip and .txt are also allowed, both of which have nothing to do with pictures. Since this method of limits refers to data limits rather than resolution, the site will not resize your uploads within a thread. I do not know what the data limit is, as I have't been able to find that information. Perhaps @Arachnopets can elaborate on that.

    It should be noted that uploads to the formal gallery do not follow the same rules. Your resolution limits when uploading to the gallery are listed here. Larger images will either be resized automatically or outright rejected in the case of very large photos.

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  3. Ungoliant

    Ungoliant Malleus Aranearum Staff Member

    EulersK already covered some of this, but I had already written this in preparation for posting this morning, so I'll go ahead and post this guide for anyone who may benefit from it.

    Images You Don't Own

    Don't upload, embed, attach, or link directly to an image that you do not own. (Adding a caption to someone else's image does not make it your own for the purpose of this policy. If you want to make memes or comics, use your own images.) Otherwise, you need the owner's express permission.

    It is OK, however, to link to the Web page where the image is displayed, such as a gallery page or external Web site.

    This policy applies to all boards. Failure to abide by this policy may result in warning points being added to your account. See this thread for details.

    Photos You Own

    Showing off Your Photos

    If you took a photo that you would like to show off, you can upload it to the relevant gallery. We have different genus galleries for tarantulas, family galleries for scorpions, and broader categories for other types of invertebrates and vertebrates.

    Alternatively, you can upload your best photos to your own personal album.

    Gallery dimension and file size limits are described here.

    The galleries are for photos; please do not use the formal galleries for images like comics or memes. (Arachnoboards is not a general-purpose image hosting service.)

    When uploading to a gallery folder, please include the scientific name of the species in either the title or the description. (This helps us make sure it's in the right gallery folder; we also add tags to improve search results.)

    Tarantula ID Requests

    If you would like help identifying your tarantula's species, you should upload to the Tarantula Identification gallery. Tarantula ID requests that are posted on the boards will be removed and/or locked.

    ID requests for other animals may be posted on the relevant boards:

    Tarantula Sexing Requests

    If you would like help identifying your tarantula's sex, you should upload to one of the two sexing galleries. Sexing requests that are posted on the boards will be removed and/or locked.

    Forum Questions Illustrated With Photos

    If you just want to use your photos to illustrate a question you have, consider attaching them instead of uploading them to a gallery or album.

    This is especially true if you have multiple photos, as gallery uploads will encourage people to post responses on the photo pages, which gets hard to follow if there are multiple photos with their own comment replies.


    You may embed or attach your own images to appropriate threads. For tarantula photos, this is done on the Tarantula Pictures board. You may post your image in your personal photo thread OR the relevant genus or species thread. Please do not post copies of your image in multiple threads. See this post for details.

    We do not have a policy on the formatting of embedded images that are uploaded in albums or galleries or attached to posts. However, I prefer the gallery or thumbnail formats, as they link to the original and are not obtrusively large when scrolling through a thread.
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