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Poecilotheria metallica care

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Angel Minkov, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. Angel Minkov

    Angel Minkov Arachnolord

    So I'm getting an oh-so-desired P. metallica this friday. As far as I'm concerned they don't require any special care and have no difference from, let's say, P. regalis in terms of care conditions. Any PRO tips for this species?

    One other question - I've heard different versions for moisture in Pokie substrate. One place I see it's recommended to let it dry out completely and then flood it once 1 month. In another place I see it's better to keep it slightly moist, always etc etc. Someone care to enlighten me on this matter?
  2. goodyt

    goodyt Arachnosquire

    I have twelve living at my place now that I started raising from slings over two years ago. Make sure that they have good climbing access on a plastic plant branch or cork piece or something that won't mold. The substrate can range from slightly to heavily moist as long as the climbing access is available. I used flightless fruit flies eventually for all of my slings until they were big enough to start eating baby dubias. Don't get a heat pad or lamp but do keep it at a room temperature that is comfortable for you. Keeping a humidifier going 24/7 in it's room is good too (because heaters cause the air to dry out considerably indoors. You don't NEED to give them water dishes, but if you do treat them to water, make sure the width is close to the diagonal leg span of your T.
  3. Angel Minkov

    Angel Minkov Arachnolord

    Thanks a lot for the help, Goody!

    Unfortunately I don't have an air humidifier and during the day temps in the room drop to around 18C in the room where my Ts are, but soon I'll get an old fish-tank and use it as vessel. I'll put a water heater in a water tube and heat the water to keep a decent temperature in the aquarium.
  4. cold blood

    cold blood Moderator Staff Member

    I heat slings in a similar manner with great success. I would suggest a water dish though, something as simple as a shell or the cap from a water bottle make great dish's for t's. I give all t's, including slings over 1/2", a water dish. Drowning shouldn't be a concern for even a small t.

    I agree with goodyt about avoiding heat pads and lamps, both poor options...but you're past that.:)
  5. goodyt

    goodyt Arachnosquire

    My pleasure! I love that heating method. What a clever idea.
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  6. Angel Minkov

    Angel Minkov Arachnolord

    Yes, it is definitely a neet method. I'm really looking forward to receiving my P. metallica. Absolutely adore the species. I've been keeping Ts for right around 5 years, but definitely been restricted severely from purchasing because my family is quite afraid of them despite my reassurances that they are harmless.

    But now I'm nearly 17 and my parents trust me a bit more and I'm able to buy some species I've always desired.
  7. Poec54

    Poec54 Arachnoemperor Active Member

    Not entirely harmless.
  8. Angel Minkov

    Angel Minkov Arachnolord

    They can't kill a person so I don't see a reason for them to fear my pets. They could kill our dog which is a pinscher, but it lives with my mom. The more "dangerous" species like my P. regalis (which is the only dangerous specie LOL) are very strictly contained. My Lasiodora striatipes escapes almost every week tho. She's a master at escaping, but I've finally been able to confine the wee girl ;)
  9. dredrickt

    dredrickt Arachnoknight

    All your T's should be "very strictly contained." You shouldn't have any escapes, and if an OW escapes, that's really bad news, especially if a family member sees it or gets bit (by any of them for that matter). Then its likely all your T's will have to go.
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  10. freedumbdclxvi

    freedumbdclxvi Arachnoprince

    So Fla
    Why would you call one species from a genus "dangerous" while calling another species from the same genus "harmless"?
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  11. Ultum4Spiderz

    Ultum4Spiderz Arachnoking Active Member

    I see storage tubs that are locking, those work well. I try to keep all cages locked , Escaped T hairs are devastating last time one got loose I was sick for the whole day.:cry::cry: 6" pink-bloom bird-eater hairs are awful. Old world T bite prob is better than urt hairs.

    Poecilotheria metallica bite is probably just as bad as other Pokies. Probably very painfull.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2014
  12. Pociemon

    Pociemon Arachnoangel Old Timer

    I hope i misunderstood your post, but sadly i think not! Do you really say that poecilotheria regalis is dangerous and in the same sentence call poecilotheria metalicca harmless?
    They are the same species my friend. i know of bite reports from both and they all have a bad smell of pain!
    Sorry, but i think you are inexperienced and you maybe should do more investigation before you write again about this subject!
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  13. SuzukiSwift

    SuzukiSwift Arachnoprince Active Member

    Metallica venom is just as potent, if not slightly more potent, than regalis venom. Don't become complacent there

    As far as their care goes, pretty much identical to regalis in care, although I have noticed metallica are more secretive so hiding places are even more important. Also recommend enclosures with lids that open from the side, these slings can shift really quick and you dont want it running up and out every time you open the lid
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  14. Ultum4Spiderz

    Ultum4Spiderz Arachnoking Active Member

    well said I have had large pokies 5-7"+ running on me during rehouse, don't play superman & get bit. I kept it cool and guided them back into enclosure. And juvie pokies also I do not hold them !!! they run on me during rehouse. I could get bitten any rehouse gone bad.... just glad I haven't yet.

    Gooty sapphire (Metallica venom) brighter spider venom could be worse FYI.
  15. Angel Minkov

    Angel Minkov Arachnolord

    You guys misunderstood my post. I was comparing P. regalis to my other species ( B. smithi, L. striatipes, G. pulchra, B. vagans). I know every pokie bite is dangerous.

    Like I said, I still don't have the P. metallica so I'm not counting it to my collection. Don't be quick to judge, Pocie. |

    Sorry for the misunderstanding. I always confine my OWs very strictly because I have deep respect for them.
  16. Ultum4Spiderz

    Ultum4Spiderz Arachnoking Active Member

    P. regalis of mine are just skittish, P metallica is cool but I wont buy another unless price dips under $50ea, Prob still would pick P sufucsca.

    Gbb I would buy again for sure though. Better colored & better eaters.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2014
  17. Angel Minkov

    Angel Minkov Arachnolord

    P. subfusca are absolutely marvelous. They are my favourite taranrula.
  18. Pociemon

    Pociemon Arachnoangel Old Timer

    Try and read your posts again, then you will see that everyone thinks you compare with metalicca. I am sure if you see that, then you can understand why we advice you this way!
    But only good if you meant the others, because then it makes sense ;-)
  19. Angel Minkov

    Angel Minkov Arachnolord

    Yes, I agree it wasnt written down properly. My apologies.
  20. SuzukiSwift

    SuzukiSwift Arachnoprince Active Member

    No problem =) Don't feel that we are trying to be harsh on you on purpose, we've just had quite a few people on this forum do and say stupid things so we're always quite jumpy about issues such as complacency etc. Glad to see you're on board =)

    I have two p.metallica slings, they are very sensitive to disturbances but are stunning to look at. Also keep in mind that they may not eat as much as other pokie species might, if this is the case don't worry, it's normal