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Please help

Discussion in 'True Spiders & Other Arachnids' started by Angel Frie, May 19, 2017.

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    I found this in the yard mowing today it looks similar to a wolf spider but way bigger than we have ever had here. Can anyone help id it
  2. Wolf spiders get very large. From what I see, it is a wolf spider. Maybe Hogna calorolinensis or lenta.
  3. I saw something on a site earlier about a tarantula wolf spider but im not sure
  4. Ok
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  5. wolf spider =/= tarantula.
    now there is a wolf spider with the scientific name, tarantula, Lycosa tarantula to be specific. this is actually where the Term Tarantula came from, but other then in the name, it is actually in no way related to tarantulas, much in the same way that P. Metallica is in no way related to the Rock band, other then in name.

    while it is quite large, it looks like it for sure is a wolf spider. they really can grow pretty big, especially if there has been an abundance of prey in the area this season/year.
  6. Thank you. Ive never seen them that big in the 23 yrs i have lived here lol
  7. loxoscelesfear

    loxoscelesfear Arachnoangel Old Timer

  8. umm ok? What was the purpose of that?
  9. to show what he found in direct correlation with the comment he made before that. I think he was asking if it was a tarantula, as like he said, he has not seen a wolf spider that large before.

    which is why i replied and explained the difference and that ti could be due to a Larger then normal influx of prey in the area. IE: if its been especially wet/rainy this year, or had flooding recently or such, it could just have fed more, and be a lucky specimen to reach its full potential size rather then die young or freshly matured.
  10. But the link clearly was to the wolf spider "tarantula" from Italy. Doesn't make much sense besides the wolf spider part. But the poster (according to AB) is from Texas not Italy.
  11. Thank 2
  12. not saying what he said makes sense, just saying what i think his logic was behind it. he probably didn't even realize they are from italy.

    either way, i think we can all agree, its some species of wolf spider.
  13. The Snark

    The Snark هرج و مرج مهندس Old Timer

    Lyco's have also, more common that most arachs, been known to have 'giant freaks'. Not saying this is as Carolinensis are reputed to get to be whoppers. Just remember the rough trick way to determine a Lyco. The rear view mirror eyes and complete clutz on vertical surfaces.
  14. Close up pics

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  15. The page clearly said that the spider was from italy xD
  16. And? he is obviously not very knowledgable on wolf spiders. as we all know, just because an animal lives in one place does NOT mean they cant live elsewhere.
    Example: There is a species of Jelly fish that lives in 2 places. the waters of the pacific ocean(specifically in the waters around japan) this same species ALSO lives in the waters of the medditeranian sea.

    Tarantula's are found on all but 1 continent,
    wolf spiders are spread globally and I'm not expecting him to be a master biologist after reading one article on the internet. i think thats WHY he was posting here to begin with, to get answers from people who DO have more knowledge. i mean for all he knew, it could be some ultra rare italian tarantula wolf spider that somebody paid to have imported and escaped as a pet (stuff like this happens more then you would think) or it could be a completely different species(which it is). either way he came for answers. why run around in circles instead of just help the guy out?

    he doesn't know much, but he's atlas trying to provide information that he DOES know,
  17. 1. He is in fact as she ;) 2. I was just questioning the usage of the specific page as it was referencing an italian spider (and the page also clearly said that it was found in italy and not in the u.s.). Could've used another page such as BugGuide and such. :p I'm trying to help while you are starting an argument (also helping too as I can see from your posts) with me because I questioned it. :meh:
  18. Thank you for defending me. I came here for help not ridicule
  19. Ridicule?! Is it so wrong as to question the usage of a page that references a spider that is found in Italy (and the page says it is found in Italy, not the U.S.)? As your profile says you are in Texas that would be like finding a cobra hahah (though I do assume there are rattlesnakes which are close enough ;))
  20. To keep saying repeatedly that im basically not smart enough to realize my mistake isn't helping. Why not just try to help
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