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pill bugs as food source for T's and slings?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by tekkendarklord, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. tekkendarklord

    tekkendarklord Arachnoknight

    Is it ok if I feed my slings with pill bugs because what I've heard is they are excellent tank cleaners but what about the pill bugs are they clean and is there gonna happen to my slings if I feed them with these bugs? cause I'm afraid they might get ticks......Thanks

  2. Rochelle

    Rochelle Arachnoprince

    No ticks.
    Nematodes/internal parasites.
    Use only captive bred isopods, k?

    Good luck with this endeavor. I have never seen any slings eating their cleaning crews - but that doesn't mean that it doesn't happen from time to time. ;)
  3. tekkendarklord

    tekkendarklord Arachnoknight

    how can I get captive bred ones? can I just get from my backyard and breed them? sorry because im just new here to the arachnid hobby
  4. Rochelle

    Rochelle Arachnoprince

    Yes, you can start your own captive bred colony from your yard - providing that you don't have any pesticides around. Don't forget what your neighbors may be using. If you have to - go to a protected woods and gather them there. Look in dry river beds, under oak trees and around mossy areas. Let them breed freely for at least 6 months to a year, and then you should be good to go.

    I feed mine fish flakes, vegetables and the odd thawed pinkie mouse. Don't forget to keep one end moist - they breathe through modified "gills".

    Hope this helps. :)
    Welcome to the hobby, btw!
  5. i don't think slings would have much luck eating them. They roll up into a ball when stressed and their outer shell is hard. i would stick to feeding your sling things like crickets/ pinheads/ drumsticks/ roaches that are bred and not found outdoors.

    You can check the for sale section on this forum.

    i would not recommend that. You have no idea what your neighbors could be using as fertilizers or pesticides. Both can be harmful to your T.

    Welcome to the hobby/ addiction!:D
  6. tekkendarklord

    tekkendarklord Arachnoknight

    Thanks to both of you really helps alot ^^
  7. tekkendarklord

    tekkendarklord Arachnoknight

    wait... i've seen some centipedes and wolf spiders in my backyard they are arachnids right so does that mean my backyard is safe
  8. Rochelle

    Rochelle Arachnoprince

  9. Yes slings will eat pill bugs, when they are small they are fairly soft, and the sling rolls them around till it can get to the juicy underside anyways. But of course dont give a small sling a huge pillbug...give them one or two that are smaller than the sling.
    Yes get them from your backyard but then you have to let them breed and get new babies that are the captive bred generation and therefore safe.
    I have a small critter keeper that is my replenishing isopod farm as well as having them in a couple enclosures.
    The pillbugs dont have a great meat to shell ratio but they do fine in a pinch as sling food.
  10. Cbarr

    Cbarr Arachnosquire

    I dont know if isopods carry any internal parasites that will infect t's but i do know they carry parasites that will infect avian. The parasites will force them( they still dont know how) to go out in sunlight so that birds can eat them!!


    Last edited: Aug 17, 2009