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Photography tips

Discussion in 'Through the Lens' started by white_feather, Jan 26, 2009.

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    Where can I go to get some tips on photography? I have a Fujifilm S100fd camera and want to get jiggy wit it, yo!
  2. testdasi

    testdasi Arachnoangel

    you mean photographing a Tarantula or general photographing tips? For the latter, you asked at the wrong place.
  3. testdasi

    testdasi Arachnoangel

    1. Turn on macro mode
    2. Do not try to go too close, even at macro mode, most cameras have a certain minimum distance below which it cannot focus. You can always crop the necessary parts out.
    3. If you take pics through enclosure walls with flash, keep the flash at at least 18 degrees from the vertical axis. That helps reduce the glare.
    4. Keep the flash as far away as possible (by using the optical zoom). That also helps reducing glare.
    5. Try use bright ambient lighting (e.g. natural sun light) in stead of flash.
  4. chilean

    chilean Arachnosquire

    As for taking pictures through the glass, get close to the glass , but not too close. If your T is near the glass put your camera on macro (little flower), press the shutter button half way down (to focus on the T), then click. If your T is further, don't put on macro, but do press the shutter half way to make sure the T is in focus and not the glass. Flash can ruin a picture when taking through glass, so take flash off or angle your camera to crop the glare later.

    As for looking into the aquarium and taking a picture, you're not close enough to use your macro, so just press the shutter half way down (to focus) then click.

    good luck and have fun
  5. codykrr

    codykrr Arachnoking Old Timer

    i know this thread is probaly going to be deleted, but i have a fugifilm s5000, it takes great pictures but doesnt get the amazing detail i want it too...like super macro shots. i am into photography of inverts and animals and some like mites, fleas, ticks...ect..ect just demand a better camera any one have a good idea of some cameras capibal with lenses and filters of course of doing this kind of photography? for instance....there was a thread i belive ryan posted about his GBB slings with spit fangs and it was so detailed and close....thats basically what im after.......this is probally going to bemoved i know but i was mainly interested because i like takingpics of inverts
  6. testdasi

    testdasi Arachnoangel

    You don't need an expensive camera. I use a basic point and shoot Fujifil Finepix F20 ($120!).

    I personally have 2 devices right now. Beside the F20, I have a A Sony HDR-SR11 that I use to take vids AND pics because the pic quality is very good (that is in contrary to many's beliefs that video camcorder cannot take good still pictures). I can also mount various lenses on it as well. I currently only have a UV filter (more like a protector for the camera lens) because the 12X zoom + macro of the camcorder is very good. I don't want to compete with those expensive pro DSLR. But the question is do you really need something that pro? Most people I know who have a DSLR use less than 1/2 of the camera functionality.

    I don't want to say it just for fun. Below are some quick pics (macro mode) of my GBB. Just took her out for these pics like 3 minutes ago. These are obviously not the best possible because I took in a hurry.
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  7. codykrr

    codykrr Arachnoking Old Timer

    thanks alot...but i have a great camera already, its just that i have tested its limits, i have a fugifilm but cant find any really good lenses or filters for it yet....im found a canon i liked but i hear nikon is far better. im just wanting something i can do some really high def stuff with macro and far, just want something as good as what a pro uses without 50,000 dollars in camera gear expence...basically a practical yet above average camera....like 2000 to 5000 dollar range
  8. moose35

    moose35 Arachnoprince Old Timer

    a point and shoot can take great pics...if you know how to play with settings.

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  9. codykrr

    codykrr Arachnoking Old Timer

    see my camera can do that easily....and indeed very nice pics guys....i guess im just asking for to much...
  10. codykrr

    codykrr Arachnoking Old Timer

    ok....i just took a very fast macro snapshot of my versi....this is at 6meg and i used a flash....any ideas on how to make it better? also when you guys take the close shot how far from the T are you....close? far but zoomed in? or what.....ps go to my pic link too see
  11. moose35

    moose35 Arachnoprince Old Timer

    take those same exact pics but hold a piece of white paper over the flash...try differnet thicknesses(or just keep folding the paper)

    see if that changes anything for you


    by the way....you can put your pics up on the board also...in case you didn't know.

    let me know and i'll delete this
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  12. MizM

    MizM Arachnoprincess Old Timer

  13. biomarine2000

    biomarine2000 Arachnoangel

    I agree with everyone above that you dont need a DSLR camera to get great pictures. Arachnoboards.com wont alloy you to upload huge pics anyways. I have a DSLR canon XSI that takes absolutely stunning pics but when I crop them or resize them the quality is drastically deminished. If you dont have a camera yet I would suggest a canon point and shoot around $200 bucks or less, with at least 8 mega pixels. That will be more then enough. Keep in mind to upload you will have to resize them in after or tweek with the settings inside the camera.
  14. codykrr

    codykrr Arachnoking Old Timer

    moose how did you post that!? everytime i try it says upload failed! jeeze i must be a moron.....thats why i just used flicker....and mizm i read that thread a while back it helped me alot...thanks anyhow though, i do appreciate it
  15. The best T. pictures iv seen on this or anyother page come from
    "ICE COLD MILK" he may have the info you want...His pictures are great.

  16. Wow the T in this Pic Is so adroable
  17. codykrr

    codykrr Arachnoking Old Timer

    yeah thats one of my ts(bahlue, from the jungle book) she is growing up....had her for about a year now
  18. codykrr

    codykrr Arachnoking Old Timer

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