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Patrick (patrick86 formerly behindyou12)

Discussion in 'Online Seller/Buyer/Breeder Reviews' started by kristal_kaos, Apr 23, 2007.

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    I ordered a 2 in female N. chromatus from Patrick on the www.atshq.org site. He was extremely helpful and gave me a great deal. USPS even messed up and the package got here a couple days late:mad: , but the T was in excellent condition{D ...and moulted for me within a few days, lol. She is absolutely beautiful!
    This T was a replacement T because the first didnt make the shipment:( , which was unfortunate, but no ones fault. Patrick was more than fair and offered to pay for the shipment of the replacement T even though most dealers/sellers ask the customer to pay shipping costs:) ...I am very happy with my transaction with Patrick and hope to deal with him more in the future. He is a very fair and honest man. Cant ask for much more than that!:clap:
  2. vvx

    vvx Arachnobaron


    I ordered some of the $1 special G. Rosea slings and they came in today in great ship. Shipping was reasonable for express, the packing was great, and I'm very happy with the deal. Even came with a couple extra. :)
  3. Arachno_Shack

    Arachno_Shack Arachnoknight Old Timer


    Just received some slings from Patrick today, and couldn't be more satisfied! The packing was, as usual, PERFECT. The shipping was quick, and he even threw in a few freebies!:D
    Patrick is great, and I WILL be buying from him again, shortly!!


  4. JColt

    JColt Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Wow where to start? He cut an already great price because I ordered in bulk then added 2 freebies. Great shipping price and packed awesomely! Will do more buisness if chance arises. Thanks Patrick!
  5. Arachno_Shack

    Arachno_Shack Arachnoknight Old Timer


    Well, my last post said I would be buying from Patrick shortly......I did, AGAIN!!!!

    What can I say? Patrick is great! I ordered some slings from him, and before I paid, I emailed him back to add more. Not only did he upgrade my shipping, but he through in some freebies too!

    I, of course, know that he cannot do things like this all of the time. It is not for this reason why I purchase from him. He is what this hobby is all about.
    Awesome customer service skills, great packing, and over all nice guy.

    Thanks Patrick!

  6. NBond1986

    NBond1986 Arachnosquire


    I've had MANY deals online throughout my years in the hobby.

    But I have NEVER had such an INCREDIBLE transaction!

    Patrick has amazing communcation, and responds to questions or concerns within a matter of minutes! He's at the computer almost 24 hours a day, ready to help you out!

    As the secretary of the American Tarantula Society, takes the hobby verys eriously. He puts meticulous care and effort into every shipment, as if he was sending the spiders to his own familiy! Incredible packing job (one of the best I've ever seen, and that INCLUDES all the major dealers)

    I recently made an order of 96 Cyclosternum fasciatum slings, 1 P. cambridgei, and 1 Crassicrus laminai.
    Every spider was individually wrapped in a vial, and all vials were set in groups into deli cups. That's called TRIPLE PACKAGING my friends!
    The spiders had a 100% survival on their voyage.
    (most people don't put in that much effort, and when there's so many spiders, they just ship them together in communal delicups where cannibalism may occur!).

    Patrick is a super nice guy. Easy to work with, and VERY accomodating to my schedule.

    I'd recommend him 101% to anyone who wants a trustworthy dealer/trader.

    Thanks Patrick!
  7. Topcat1

    Topcat1 Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Well, I got a couple of asian beauties from Patrick, and I have to admit I was very happy. Kinda an understatement. The packaging was very well done, and I was quite impressed! Both were very healthy and packaged very well. I also ordered a L.parahybana for my boss, yes I've got him into tarantulas as well, and I was again impressed with its health, and packaging, plus made my boss quite happy as well! With all of this, he even threw in some C. fasciatum slings for good measure. I don't see how anyone can go wrong with Patrick. Very well done! Rather than saying would do business again, I'll just say get ready for another order soon.
  8. Positive

    I've done a couple trades with Patrick and I'll do more in the future. I hate haggling on trades and so does he. He's very generous with his measurements (both length and weight ;) ).

    I won't hesitate to trade with Patrick again.

  9. arrowhd

    arrowhd Arachnolord Old Timer

    Just received an order of cork bark. Very nice piece at a reasonable price. Will do business with again.
  10. A pleasure to deal with

    I started a thread under his sir name,b/c I had forgotten his screen name.I promised to add my feedback to this thread.

    I find Patrick to be very personable,knowledegable,and a excellent person to buy from.Everything I ordered arrived in excellent health,is doing great several weeks later,and he even included some extra Ts from my wish list.I continue to be intouch and look forward to seeking him out for future T buying:D Really a great guy!!
  11. mbreptiles

    mbreptiles Arachnopeon

    Great Transaction!

    I just purchased over 20 T's from Patrick. They all came exactly as he described and in perfect condition! Packed very well! I would definitely do business with you again Patrick!

    Thanks again for such a smooth transaction!
  12. Frostbite

    Frostbite Arachnopeon Arachnosupporter


    I have been in customer service for 37 years. In past years our company (IBM) has had various slogans and themes designed to improve our customer service, such as "Wow the Customer" "IBM Means Service". Well, any slogan you can imagine for premier customer service applies to Patrick!

    I have been concerned about buying mail order spiders during the colder months, but my order from Patrick (at end of December) came through perfectly. When I opened the box, it was warm like the beaches in Miami. The only thing missing was the Corona. He did a fantastic job of building a styrofoam enclosure to go inside the shipping carton to hold the "Ts" safe and secure on top and a seperate compartment below for the heat pack. Fantastic shipping!

    And the tarantulas. Some of the best I have purchased and at rock bottom prices at that. Then, to make it even better, he throws in some choice freebies. He had asked me about what spiders I preferred. Well, he used that information to customize my freebies!! Amazing guy!

    Not only does he sell quality Tarantulas, give great freebies, have superior packaging, but he devotes a lot of his time to our society as it's Secretary. He has helped me there with a membership issue.

    I will buy many more tarantulas from Patrick. He rocks!

    Frostbite Falls, MN
  13. cacoseraph

    cacoseraph ArachnoGod Old Timer



    I was part of a group buy from patrick (via Neshan, in case you are wondering, patrick) and was very happy with the spiderlings. and you can see how thrilled nesh (who actually received the package, though i payed for part of it) was

    i would definitely do biz with him again
  14. sntcruzan

    sntcruzan Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Positive deal/trade

    I recently completed a trade with Patrick and all went extremely well. He is courteous,communicates very well and replies to PM's promptly. I also bought 4 other T's to go with our trade and he gave me a very generous price and an outstanding , healthy sized T's.

    I'm sure that we will be doing business real soon in the near future.
  15. 4202cvinc

    4202cvinc Arachnopeon

    Patrick's slings

    Just completed my first, of what will probably be many, transactions with Patrick. With out the funny faces, cute Icons etc.... this was a great experience. Not just the T's he delivers but establishing what I consider to be a genuine friendship. Too often we are more interested in moving a product and don't stop to get to know each other. Patrick is a great guy, delivers exactly that that he offers, reliably and efficiently.
    Thanks Pat.
  16. IdahoBiteyThing

    IdahoBiteyThing Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Positive Positive Positive!

    Just received my order today and I'm super thrilled! A most beautiful Ephebopus cyanognathus a very cool Grammostola iheringi and a cute little B. albopilosum. Three cool spiders packed to the hilt with styrofoam, bubble wrap, containers, heat. Patrick is a superb packer and delivers great customer service. Always a pleasure to do business with him. Top notch. Tony
  17. unclechewy

    unclechewy Arachnosquire


    Just got 5 new T's from Patrick and everything went great. Here is what I got:
    Acanthoscurria chacoana, 2”

    Lasiodora parahybana, .75” - molted as soon as I got it home

    Cyriopagopus sp., “Malaysian Blue”, 3”

    Psalmopoeus cambridgei, 3” - recently molted, Pat was nice enough to sex it for me as a female and let me have it for the unsexed price.

    Brachypelma smithi - .5"

    I will definitely buy from him again.
  18. Anastasia

    Anastasia Arachnoprince Old Timer


    Got my side of trade, beautiful animals, great packing job
    Thank you, Am very happy :)
  19. Triprion

    Triprion Arachnopeon Arachnosupporter

    Highly Recommend

    I bought female E. uatuman, B. boehmei, and C. marshalli from Patrick a week or so ago and it was a pleasure doing business with him! His prices are very fair, he was very patient in answering my many questions regarding the T's, and they arrived healthy and happy - I highly recommend Patrick to anyone looking for top-quality T's! Thanks Patrick! :worship:
  20. reptscue

    reptscue Arachnopeon

    Patrick is the Man!!!!!

    100% POSITIVE!!!!!

    I have bought tons of Ts off of Patrick(and 1 breeding loan) and he has always gone above and beyond!!!! He will always be the first person I check with for my critters!