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Paruroctonus utahensis sexing/science papers

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by Rake, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Rake

    Rake Arachnopeon

    Whats the best way to sex and identify paruroctonus utahensis also does anyone know of any scientific papers relating to the species or any extra information that can be given would be great
  2. WeightedAbyss75

    WeightedAbyss75 Arachnoangel

    I have never heard of that species, but from what I have seen the best way to sex an immature scorpion is to look at the pectines (feathery white sense organs under the scorp). Each looks like it has notches in it. Depending on the species, males and females will have a different number of "notches" in the pectines. You'd would have to find the actual number for the species (or if there is a general number for scorpions), but that is the way to do it. Otherwise, if it is an adult, you can sometimes tell by the length of the tail. Males will have a very long segment right before the telson, where females have a shorter segment. This can be unreliable though. Pics would help, if you can get clear pics of the pectines and the scorp itself :D
    (5 minutes later...)
    Found one: http://www.vaejovidae.com/Paruroctonus utahensis.htm
    "Pectinal tooth counts above 24 in males and 17 in females"
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