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Discussion in 'Online Seller/Buyer/Breeder Reviews' started by catfishrod69, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. catfishrod69

    catfishrod69 Arachnoemperor


    Tyler just ordered a few things off of me. He paid super fast, and kept excellent communication throughout the whole deal. Was a very pleasant transaction, and i look forward to future business with him. I highly recommend him to anyone at all. Thanks again! John
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  2. AliciaG6987

    AliciaG6987 Arachnopeon

    POSITIVE!!! Tyler was extremely helpful and patient in answering all of my questions. Friendly and kept in communication until she had arrived! I got a female Euathlus sp Red. She came packed well and arrived active and webbing around her entire enclosure. She's a beautiful healthy tarantula and hope to buy from again! Thank you SOOO much! :)
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  3. catfishrod69

    catfishrod69 Arachnoemperor


    Just received my end of a trade from Tyler. Everything was packaged extremely well and arrived in excellent shape. Tyler is a man of his word, and a pleasure to deal with. Always a pleasure talking with him, and dealing with him. Looking forward to future trades, and highly recommend him to anyone at all. Thanks again! John
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  4. tylerdpeter

    tylerdpeter Arachnopeon

    I recently completed a trade with Tyler for a couple of his own cb sand spider slings, and everything went great! His specimens are very healthy and arrived alive, great communication, good packing, overall A+ experience. I would not hesitate to do business in the future.
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  5. Positive review for pannaking22!

    Received 30 Sicarius sp, we made a trade and his end was perfect. Packing, communication and quality were all top notch. Thanks again Tyler!

    J.R. Thompson
    JR's Invertebrates
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  6. packrat1

    packrat1 Arachnopeon

    I bought two Sicarius sp. from Tyler & they arrived today safe & alive. They were very well packed & even with low temps they survived! I would gladly deal with Tyler again. A+
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  7. gromgrom

    gromgrom Arachnoprince

    I've been chatting and dealing with Tyler for a while now and he's one good dude. I highly recommend him as a buyer, seller, trader, what have you. He's a true asset to the hobby
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  8. A+ seller. Just received a diverse array of inverts from Tyler, and everything arrived in great condition. Speedy communication, quick to ship, good packing.. A+ on all fronts.
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  9. sithlord

    sithlord Arachnopeon

    I just received a couple of Sicarius slings from pannaking22 (Tyler) a few days ago and all arrived alive and well. Communication and packing was excellent, I would definitely purchase more from him in the near future. Good guy in the hobby, thanks again Tyler.
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  10. John Apple

    John Apple Just a guy Old Timer

    Good trade done with Tyler....great all around experience ......we talked after I initiated a trade after a few pm's we came to an agreement
    This guy get an A+ from me and I would urge others to check him out
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  11. catfishrod69

    catfishrod69 Arachnoemperor


    Just received my end of a trade from Tyler. Everything was packaged extremely well, and arrived in great shape. Was a pleasure to deal with him again, and looking forward to future trades. I highly recommend him to anyone at all. Thanks again! John
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  12. Just received some stag beetle larvae. Excellent communication, messages were always kind and helpful, overall great guy/girl to talk to! Gave me good info on care and the shipping was perfect, all larvae arriving in stellar condition, along with a bunch of extra sub. Even let me know that one of the larvae was "a bit off" and recommended for me not to buy that one, which I didn't. He/She usually has interesting non-tarantula stuff (along with some tarantulas) which is definitely what I'm most interested in. Overall a great seller and person in general, hope to do business with them again and recommend that any bug lover do the same! A++++++++++

    Edit: Just realized that there is already a review thread for this seller, will post mine there. Sorry!
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  13. jo1718

    jo1718 Arachnopeon

    Positive!!! Everything came in great shape and well packed. He even threw in a few extra things in the box too. Awesome stuff!
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  14. Tenevanica

    Tenevanica Arachnodemon

    Positive! My roaches were well packed and in good condition. Would order form again!
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  15. MrDeranged

    MrDeranged He Who Rules Staff Member

    Tyler's new reviews can be found here.