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Pandinus Imperator/Dictator Humidity?

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by PhilMcWonder, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. PhilMcWonder

    PhilMcWonder Arachnoknight

    What are the humidity requirments if any for the Pandinus Imperator and Dictator?
    I ask because i keep hearing they need Humidity and i had a few people say they dont.
    I need to know if I am doing things right... If they do indeed need humidity, What is the humidity and how do I maintain it at the correct levels?

    I just need to make sure I am caring for my Dictator Scorpion correctly.
  2. willoux

    willoux Arachnopeon

    Usually around 80-90%, but hygrometers aren't always accurate, especially if you live in a drier area. Water the substrate directly so its damp, it should not be soaked but will give a few drops of water when squeezed, and make sure to keep a medium to large shallow water dish with fresh water, it will help with the humidity and allow him to take a soak if he desires. if you have a heating mat make sure it is on the side, not on the bottom.
  3. I Just keep the substrate moist and provide a water dish, no need to over think it.