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P. regalis Mating Shenanigans

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by JohnDapiaoen, Jul 16, 2018.

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    Interesting P. regalis mating just now. I wish I could have recorded it but there was so many regalis mating videos already that I felt there's no point. When I pair T's I leave the the enclosure wide open so in case the female gets the wrong idea the male can bolt out of there. In this case the male regalis tapped and lured the female out of her hide, while she did her own tapping and all looked good but as soon as she touched him he turns around walks quickly at least 6" away out of the enclosure and 180's again to face her then taps which lured her out of the enclosure! This repeated several times. Now this is happening on a shelf with other enclosures next to them and I'm just standing there open mouthed while the pair move from the tops of one enclosure to the next all while the other T's are lured out of their hides to see what is going on because the tapping is resonating within their enclosures so then they end up following them too! Of course only as far as their enclosures let them. The actual pair eventually make it to my wall and to the ceiling. I then snap out of bing awestruck grabbed a towel and even took my clothes off to make cushioning on the floor in case they fall. When the male finally went for it what I predicted was correct an he fell as he made a breake for it, luckily hes alright and the female eventually came down to where I can catch cup her. It was a pretty exciting afternoon ;)

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  2. lostbrane

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  3. Ultum4Spiderz

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    Epic story long breeding attempt!
    Gotta our some pillows or something on floor next time haha. Soft stuff, I had no success breeding regalis . Cohabitation for weeks no killing, before separating is rare.
    Male eventually died of got eaten had no eggs. Need more regalis someday only 1 was female out of 11!!!
    Play that old Nelly song haha
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