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p. regalis breeding questions

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by spiderlord_24_7, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. spiderlord_24_7

    spiderlord_24_7 Arachnopeon

    i had a couple of quick questions before i introduce my p.regalis together.

    1. is it better to introduce the male into the females cage or vise versa?

    2. how long after the male matures is he still fertile? because my male matured about 5 months ago, but he is still putting up sperm webs.

    3. is it better to take the eggs from the female at a sertain date after, or is it better to leave the female alone with the sack and let her protect them till they hatch?

    thanks for all the help! and if there is any other things i'm missing please let me know, this will be my first tarantula breed attempt.
  2. 1- Male into females tank. I like to leave the lid off the females tank and put the male in. The male will drum and lure the female out of her tank, when she is out he will move in for an insert, right after that the female goes back into her tank and the male goes running lol. He's easy to catch though. Most people co habit the MM and the female.
    2- He should be ok still, sperm webs mean he is still loading up with sperm.
    3- 25-35 days is a good time frame to think about taking the eggs from the female, but Regalis are great mothers so leaving the eggs with her the whole time till they hatch is an option to.
  3. spiderlord_24_7

    spiderlord_24_7 Arachnopeon

    so if i do leave the famale with the sack. do i just leave it with her and the female will let them out or do i halfto makee an opening in the sack?
  4. The one time I left a sac with a female she made an opening herself and let the little guys out. But if you keep track of the days and you think they should be out then you can cut a hole. You are getting ahead of yourself though.
  5. spiderlord_24_7

    spiderlord_24_7 Arachnopeon

    im just so excited!

    what is a good cage for an adult p. regalis. femail that will be functional for breeding/humidity and space wise that is also easy on the eyes. i like to "display my t's"
  6. I love these tanks. There are two Gravid Regalis in these two tanks in the picture below. These are made by Adam at Tarantulacagescom.
  7. dianedfisher

    dianedfisher Arachnobaron

    Ryan: You have set-up some AWESOME habitats for your regalis! Do you have additional ventilation in your T area? Your moss always looks so cool and so WET. Makes me wonder if I am keeping my girl too dry. Digital hygrometer in her habitat says 80% and when I mist it increases to 85%. BTW, I cohabitated the MM I was given and he died (of natural causes, I hope, since he had autotomized 2 legs in the prior months). The 2 got along very well and she didn't even appear to have consumed his body-just drug it over to the water dish so I could find it and wrapped it lightly in silk. When my GBB devoured her Romeo I could barely tell what it was in the dish. Good luck to you both with your females! Di
  8. I have 5 bred Regalis at the moment. All in the same type setups. They really seem to like them. The three built in vents on the top and the side vents are perfect. I did not add anything to the design. I don't measure humidity at all in anything I own. When a female Regalis molts, I feed, then mate, then I allow the tank to dry out for 6-8 weeks all the while feeding her all she wants, when I see eggs developing then I start misting again and increase misting when the female blocks herself off to make the egg sac.
    Of the five bred three are looking very promising. Three out of five is just fine with me. {D
  9. dianedfisher

    dianedfisher Arachnobaron

    Ryan: 3 of 5 would make me happy as well. I am a novice, so I can't even tell if my girl is gravid, but she is much more reclusive than before. Her abdomen appears larger, but it may be wishful thinking on my part. She is still eating weekly. I introduced the male 1 month after her last molt. Guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed. I hope you'll post pics of your mommies and sacs when they appear. Di