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P. ornata that thinks he can! LOL

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by codykrr, Feb 21, 2011.

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    At night while I am in the spider/office room I will be sitting here and my Male ornata who isnt even mature yet will just start drumming! Its so loud you can hear it in the other room.

    Anyone else have penultimate males start drumming before they are ready?
  2. smallara98

    smallara98 Arachnobaron

    Wow.. I think its hillarious when they do that! Reminds me of kids my age who try to have sex, but fail {D I had this happen at the old petstore I used to volunteer at!
  3. crawltech

    crawltech Arachnoprince

    That must mean hes gunna pack a punch, once hes mature...lol

    i hear ya on the loud factor...a couple of my MM pokies get goin at the same time, and its like couple a crazy drum solos....lol

    i havnt really noticed the penults doing this tho....hmm, i will have to pay more attention to them

    With my current MM's(fasciata, and pederseni), i have noticed the drum pattern is the same....pretty interesting....have you noticed differences in drum patterns in pokies at all??
  4. Jacobchinarian

    Jacobchinarian Arachnoknight

    He must be really anxious. Lol.
  5. NO I havent. I havent done much pairing with Pokies. Actually have only paired up one. which was my regalis. I hope to eventually try my have at a few more species though.

    Kinda what I was thinking.
  6. Hobo

    Hobo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Staff Member

    I have an immature male P. metallica that drums. I got to watching it several times, and it appears to do it while grooming/eating something. Perhaps flicking moisture off it's feet? I don't know. He did have a mite problem before, maybe there are hitchhikers he's trying to flick off or something? Why don't any of my other immature male ts do it?