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P.Audax slings, the most labor intensive spiders

Discussion in 'True Spiders & Other Arachnids' started by TylerFishman5675, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. TylerFishman5675

    TylerFishman5675 Arachnosquire

    during the summer I caught a female P.Audax, I caught a male in another town and bred them in captivity, I found that The female would never attack the male, But If I put another female in with her, she'd eat her (just an interesting thing to find out) the male escaped and I haven't found him since, the female of course laid a successful clutch and a month later I had slings no bigger than a pin head, I did not have the time to rear the tiny young, so I released them in the wild. The mother passed, and about a week and a half later I go to my sunflowers and find the same spiders I released into my garden had been gorging themselves on nectar, now a little bigger, I could feed them more sizesble prey, I have no culture of anything, so lucky me goes out in my lawn with a plastic bag, collecting any small flying insects I could find, I fed them tiny leaf hoppers for 3 weeks until they reached a size where they could take prey much larger than themselves, now I find another female and I put her in a Deli cup, She was already gravid when I caught her so she laid a sac, she died half way into guarding the sac as well. I opened the sac a little to see in and it turns out their are babies, luckily I accept the challenging of rearing these in captivity from eggs to adults, currently they are acclimated to eating larger prey despite their size, I just put a banana in an empty flower pot and wait for fruit flies to swarm it, then I catch them no more yard work :). both generations are doing great, the first babies I recived are very large and only a few molts away from adulthood, yay!