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over feeding?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by silkenbullet, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. silkenbullet

    silkenbullet Arachnopeon

    hi i have a b.smithi and it has been eating 2 medium locust a day since it molted a few weeks ago but i have read on the internet that you should only feed them once a week and they will not eat unless hungry this is my first spider so im abit of a novice was just wondering if this is normal feeding behaviour after a shed.
  2. kovsejr

    kovsejr Arachnopeon

    Brachypelmas are usually very good eaters..I have a ~5'' female B. smithi, and i'm feeding her once every 5 days, but belive me, she would eat every single day if i would threw in a cricket. Over feeding is not recommended, because if you do so, it could reject food for months...Just feed her every week and she'll be just fine.
  3. Yeah, when considering how much you feed you have to take a long time horizon. Do you feed a lot per year? If you have been feeding more than the recommended amount for a few months or so, it's no big deal at all. But yeah, in my experience overfeeding simply leads to long periods of fasting. Or a really big abdomen, depending on the spider.
  4. silkenbullet

    silkenbullet Arachnopeon

    cheers guy's just wanted to make sure i shall leave for a week:D
  5. spiderfield

    spiderfield Arachnobaron

    Keep in mind, though, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a healthy T fasting. It is normal and can simply mean that your T is not hungry. A lot of keepers (myself included) don't go by a set schedule, but rather judge by how big their opisthosoma's get. If your T looks overfed, then cut back a bit.