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Opossum as pet?

Discussion in 'Not So Spineless Wonders' started by P. Novak, May 22, 2010.

  1. Johnny Q

    Johnny Q Arachnopeon

    R-O-U-S, I don't believe they exist!
  2. Shrike

    Shrike Arachnoprince Old Timer

    High five everybody! Do you hear that sound? It's me popping bottles.

    Seven long years ago P. Novak queried the world with "Opossum as Pet?" Then that rascally Matt K got involved (not me, I swear), and the reputation of pet possums everywhere has suffered ever since.

    Have you ever seen those heartwarming viral videos where a deaf person hears for the first time, or somebody that's colorblind puts on a pair of glasses, and WHAM, now they can see color? That's how I feel right now about pet possums.

    Excuse me while I head down to the holler. I've got possums to catch.
  3. The Snark

    The Snark Dancing with the enemy gods Old Timer

    As it was told to me, How To Make A Possum Dinner

    Find one medium to large road kill possum - fresh, none too flat.
    Nail possum to a board
    Bake in over at about 700 degrees for a few hours
    Take out board, remove nails, scrape off the possum
    Eat the board.
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  4. Andrea B

    Andrea B Arachnopeon

    When my momma was a kid, her daddy would live trap a young possum and put it in a cage. They would feed it exclusively sweet potatoes for a while to make the meat sweet and mild. Then they would dress it out and have possum for dinner.
  5. MatisIsLoveMantisIsLyf

    MatisIsLoveMantisIsLyf Arachnobaron Active Member

    This thread was created 7 years ago. Where have you guys been since then? Did you go on hibernation and woke up to revive the thread?
  6. Juniusara

    Juniusara Arachnopeon

    my ex's uncle kept 2 from infancy to adult, think he treated em like his ferrets, they had there own room in his house, really cuddly when handled (these ones never saw outside)