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Opinions/Input on Set up for G. rosea

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Strix, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. Strix

    Strix Arachnoknight

    I originally purchased a 10 gallon aquarium for my G. rosea with some Eco Earth Coconut Fiber substrate, a water dish, and a pretty good hiding log for her.

    I've been reading about T's that fall and damage themselves and I packed the substrate in the tank really good. The substrate is dry to the touch and she seems to hate it. Anytime she goes down onto the substrate she makes a dash for a corner and begins to scale up it. As soon as I see her do this I will place her on top of the log (for fear of her hitting the log or dish if she fell.)

    She seems to enjoy sitting on top of the log and from what I have seen will absolutely refuse to go on the substrate with the exception of making a normal water run.

    I was wondering if this behavior is normal and what objects would be safe to decorate the aquarium with for a better visual experience as well when I have friends and family over when I am showing them my little beauty and attempting to teach them not to be scared. =P

    If the 10 gallon is an acceptable tank I kind of want to try and get it to look a bit more like their natural environment. I always tend to be skeptical of what I will put in the tank with her as well because her health and safety is much more important then aesthetics.

    I've been reading almost every bit of information I can find online and offline and I always love to hear input from more experienced owners.
  2. I have always thought a 10 gallon tank was over kill for something like a G. Rosea. But I guess that is your call.

    I doubt this is why she is not on the substrate. They like it dry. Moist substrate will cause her to climb all the time. She should settle down all the way soon. I have a few that like to sit on their hides to so that is normal.

    If you stay with this tank just make sure she can't fall far.
  3. Widowman10

    Widowman10 Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    yep. i agree with all 3 things ryan just said. roseas don't like moist sub. at all. just give her some time. but while she is moving around and climbing a bit, make sure she can't fall farther than her legspan. you don't want to come home to find a T with a burst butt because of a fall...

    as far as making the tank look good with decorations/etc, i would say a lot of things would be allright. i guess you don't really have to worry about setting a heavy stone in there and having her burrowing under it, and if you put the sub high enough, i don't think you will have to worry about her falling on anything hard. but with burrowing species, don't put heavy objects in the tank as it is easy for them to burrow under it, and then have it fall on them. but in your case, i'd say most anything is pretty much fair game.
  4. fake leaves work well. ive got some fake ivy in my avics tank and it makes it look more appealing also maybe some driftwood in the background if her wooden log hide is in the foreground. my rosea is on dry coco fibrend is fine with it just let your T settle in :drool:
  5. Strix

    Strix Arachnoknight

    I just moved her into a much smaller plastic critter carrier type cage when I went and checked on her she was climbing the side again because I do not want to see her hurt or dead.

    As soon as I put her in the new cage she scurried up the side but it is shallow enough that she can touch the top and bottom of the cage while on the side.

    I was also thinking of getting another T or another arachnid, but one that is a bit more suitable for the 10 gallon enclosure and "newbie" friendly.

    I really enjoy watching T's and other arachnids and learning about them and educating others as I go along learning.
  6. Widowman10

    Widowman10 Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    good! :clap:

    very good! :clap:
  7. desertdweller

    desertdweller Arachnoprince

    Roseas are funny in the things they like and what they don't. I just re-housed mine because I had to clean out her tank. She had an all vermiculite bottom and stayed in her hide all the time. I now gave her dirt and moss and she is up on her hide and won't go in it. She was also climbing the side for the first time. I'm giving her time to get used to the new feel. You can never tell what roseas are going to like. Give her time and she'll adjust.

    The things I learn with T's continues to amaze me. I had no idea!
  8. Strix

    Strix Arachnoknight

    I used to absolutely hate any sort of spider and they have been slowly gaining my attention and they are beginning to grow on me.

    I get outright mean when we have people at work going out of their way to grab mainly L. mactans (southern black widow) and L. geometricus (brown widow) or any other of the species of spiders around the floor and then tossing them onto a hotplate to watch the "horribly dangerous" creatures burn.

    If they are looking for a way to get bit they will surely find one eventually by bothering these poor creatures that are out of the way and bothering nobody.

    I've begun working on grabbing any of the non-widows (mostly orb-weavers) we have around work and bringing them home to put into the woods around here or the back yard before they meet the same fate as some of the others.

    When I first got my rosea a few weeks back I had an epic argument with my aunt because my poor little rosie was all of a sudden a vicious highly venomous nasty tempered man killer. :wall: So I have been working on educating her when I can and my grandmother doesn't seem to mind my rosie, even going so far as helping me to clean out the cage because of the sugar ant problem I had a few days ago.

    I found The tarantula keeper's guide to be a great starting book and has been a big help so far as well as these forums.