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OMG! I just black lighted and cought over 20 scorps

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by Synergy, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Synergy

    Synergy Arachnopeon

    Here at my dads house and without going further then 100 yards from his house ive cought more then 20 scorps... all kinds of different ones too!! it was a scary and exciting experience... i first turned on the black light and saw 3 scorps surrounding me within 5 feet and had no idea they were there before even in the light...
  2. JungleGuts

    JungleGuts Arachnoprince Old Timer

    post pics!!!!and i want one haha
  3. lychas

    lychas Arachnolord Old Timer

  4. PIter

    PIter Arachnoangel Old Timer

    Man that sounds like so much fun! Any scorpion to spare? ;)
  5. Spike14

    Spike14 Arachnopeon

    lychas we are getting some of these lights!!!
  6. Synergy

    Synergy Arachnopeon

    Well we are leaving for a few days but ive got a 40 gallon here im going to put them in and will be selling them all hopefully when I get back... Can someone post a pic of a bark scorpion please because im sure ive cought one and i hear they have nasty venom... and total count was 22... and there are scorpligs galore here too... ive got 3 scorplings look to be in there 2nd instar but not sure what they are... will post pics either today or when we get back in 5 days...

    im fairly sure that a few of the scorps I cought are Vaejovis Spinigerus... just because the big fat tail... hows venom of these guys ?? looks like they'd be bad to me...
  7. Synergy

    Synergy Arachnopeon

    Alright im not posative but im fairly sure that mostly I have striped tails and desert hairys... being that there tails are striped is where i get that guess from hehe...
  8. PIter

    PIter Arachnoangel Old Timer

    Doesn`t sound like a bad conclusion, V Spinigerus and H Arizonsensis are very common in your area. Lucky man.. :(
  9. MEXICOYA415

    MEXICOYA415 Arachnobaron

    V. Spinigerus has venom comparable to H. arizonensis.
  10. PureHate

    PureHate Arachnopeon

    i cant wait to see the pics.
  11. JSN

    JSN Arachnodemon

    I told you man, Arizona rocks...
  12. what did you use to pick up the scorps...tongs
  13. lychas

    lychas Arachnolord Old Timer

    hey spike me man, cant wait till we get our lights, when we get money wanna go for a trip up north, i know a faw guys that know where 2 get all sorts of kool urodacus sp like spinatus and hoplurus
  14. Spike14

    Spike14 Arachnopeon

  15. Spike

    Spike Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Man your very lucky collecting scorps would be awsome for any of us.
  16. Prymal

    Prymal Arachnoking Old Timer


    Congrats on the find. I had planned to hit Texas in August but had to move the trip to the spring but that will be my first true scorp hunt and I can't wait to hit the field and blacklight for Diplos for an entire 3-week period!
  17. sounds like to me I need to visit there abit with a blacklight
  18. ssslither

    ssslither Arachnopeon

    photo of C. exilicauda

    Not the best photo but...


    (Female on left, male on right)

    A small sample of what I collect almost every night.
  19. Two weekends ago, I went to the CA side of Lake Havasu and blacklighted for 2 nights. I got skunked. Not a thing. I saw a lot burrows though. And my relatives tell me scorps are all over the place. They gave me a 4 inch H. arizonensis that they had killed a few nights before. I wish they had kept it alive for me. It's was a magnificent scorp.
  20. konrad16660

    konrad16660 Arachnosquire

    i like those arizona barks you caught. they are really spunky scorpions. i have one in the 2nd instar i got from a friend. good lukc with those. i wish hunting in southern california was as easy.:}