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obt arboreal???

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by arachnophile223, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. arachnophile223

    arachnophile223 Arachnoknight

    i got an adult female obt yesterday and as she explores her tank, she seems to not want to touch the coco fiber...all she'll do is walk around but staying on the side of the tank. is this normal? also, she has done some webbing in the top corner where she hangs out a lot and i'm afraid to take the lid off...will she come down and make her tube web eventually? or is she more likely to adopt an arboreal lifestyle...
  2. Mine has a tube web near the top as well as a burrow and uses them both the tube web is where she eats usually and spends the rest of her time underground lol strange these ones are....
  3. Poxicator

    Poxicator Arachnobaron

    OBT are found in over 13 different African countries, their habitat ranges from dry savanna to mountain rainforest. They're nearly always found around trees, mostly around the roots of acacia trees but some are known to live a total arboreal lifestyle.

    For my enclosures I provide a few branches for them to web amongst in an arboreal set-up. Each time Ive mated them in my 30x30x45H breeding tank they're nearly always found on the screen lid. The slings, of which I have over 100 at mo, create webbing at the top and withinn the substrate.
  4. arachnophile223

    arachnophile223 Arachnoknight

    i have a large piece of african hardwood laid down in the bottom for her to anchor to, but if she wants to be up high, i can like lean it against the side? would that work?