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No trespassing!

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by SNAFU, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. SNAFU

    SNAFU Arachnobaron

    My P.Murinus was guarding the entrance to her silky tunnel-o-death and was either waiting for me to toss her a cricket, or telling me to get lost or i'll eat your face. I think it was the eat my face look, so I snapped a couple of pics & of course, gave her 2 crickets for posing for me!
    Usually she retreats when I open the kritter keeper but I guess she's big enough now she "Aint Scared"... I played with MS paint to help get her point across.


    ..kinda childish & stupid maybe but I was bored ;P :D
  2. Thats awesome! I am getting a big 5" girl from the post man here in a few hours. :D I hope she webs like yours!
  3. SNAFU

    SNAFU Arachnobaron

    You know yours will, just give her a little time to decorate. :D This ones cousin, a P.Chordatus named Cooter has actually webbed up his enclosure more even. He also comes out & strolls around more than my murinus, Nugget, that stays indoors almost 24-7.