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Nhandu tripepii (senior synonym of N. vulpinus)

Discussion in 'Breeding Reports' started by stonemantis, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. stonemantis

    stonemantis Arachnoprince Old Timer


    This April we introduced my male to the female and she was ready and he turned for a drink and then he was ready and she wasn't. We'll try again at a later date.
  2. stonemantis

    stonemantis Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Successful Insertion,

    I mated my male with Botar's Female and after months of him getting spooked everytime she looked at him the wrong way ;). I think we finally made contact. Please feel free to PM me for the full scoop.

  3. Arachnoheebs

    Arachnoheebs Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Nhandu vulpinus

    I bred my N. vulpinus on 9/10/06, seemed to go on forever (2 hours) on and off. They came together rather quickly, they would start to separate and come back together, this happened no less than four times!!! Successful insertions each time. :D

    I will be reintroducing them in the next few days, will give updates at that time.


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  4. Philth

    Philth N.Y.H.C. Arachnosupporter

    In my experience with breeding Nhandu's this is the hardest sp. to pair up.(although I've never attempeted N. carapoensis, and don't belive the real N. cerradensis is in the hobby) My females have always been aggressive toward the males and 2 out of the 3 eggsacs I've had were destroyed by the female.

    In November of 2006 I received a male from someone and managed to pair them up once.

    -April 4th 2007 she laid eggs

    -4/23/07 noticed some mold on the eggsac so decided to pull it. most of the eggs were wasted but I kept about 200+.

    -5/3/07 about 90 of the eggs molted into post embryo/eggs with legs

    -5/18/07 they molted into first instar.

    Other than this one time I havent heard much of them being breed in the US, I'd like to hear from others that have hatched them as well.



  5. Jmugleston

    Jmugleston Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Female: Nh_tr_1
    Female's Most Recent Molt: 2-Sep-11
    First Pairing Date: 25-Sep-11
    Final Pairing Date: 25-Sep-11
    Total Pairings: 1
    Male: Loaner (Cody)
    Male's ultimate molt date: Unknown
    Eggsac Found: 11-Dec-11
    Eggsac Pulled: 1-Jan-12
    Stage when pulled: Post Embryos
    First Instar Molt: 18-Jan-12
    Second Instar Molt: 1-Mar-12




    Post Embryos:

    2nd Instars:
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  6. Formerphobe

    Formerphobe Arachnoking Arachnosupporter

    VA, USA
    Female molted 8/2/2014, ~6.0 inch legspan.
    Male (Blackrayne's) mature molt same week, 6.5+ inch legspan. First sperm web noted 9/1/2014

    9/27/2014 1st pairing - placed open enclosures of both M and F side by side in large rubbermaid tub. Draped some of female's webbing over edge of male's enclosure. When he first wandered into female's enclosure, she immediately started drumming. Pairing was short, unremarkable, both then seemed to lose interest and went their separate ways.

    10/4/2014 2nd pairing - repeated above protocol. Female very defensive, male retreated, we separated them.

    12/10/2014 - Eggsac construction in corner of most visible part of enclosure where she tended it for a few days.
    12/14/2014 - Female made dramatic modifications to her hide and moved eggsac into hide.






    More to follow.
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