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New website about tarantulas in the wild

Discussion in 'Field Trips (Natural Habitats)' started by birdspidersCH, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. birdspidersCH

    birdspidersCH Arachnopeon

    Hi guys

    I just wanted to share my new website with you.
    Keep in mind that English is not my primary language, so there could be some grammar mistakes :)

    Have fun and enjoy reading! I'd like to read your opinions on this project


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  2. Wow! I like it. I will be checking in to see the progress. Keep it up it really looks cool and a lot of time has been put into it i can tell!
  3. tarcan

    tarcan Arachnoking Old Timer

    looking good Martin!
  4. Philth

    Philth N.Y.H.C. Arachnosupporter

    Site looks great Martin! Thanks for sharing.

    Later, Tom
  5. Disquiet

    Disquiet Arachnosquire

    Thanks for putting effort into this--truly! If you ever need a free proof-reader, don't hesitate to PM me--although it looks great anyway :)
  6. birdspidersCH

    birdspidersCH Arachnopeon

    Thanks for your support, comments and even offering some help! :)

    Nice too see you like the page so far, I will keep it up to date and try to improve it. Any kind of comments and/or critics is welcome!

    cheers and merry christmas from switzerland (without any snow :( )
  7. famish

    famish Arachnopeon

  8. MarkmD

    MarkmD Arachnoprince

    It's looking very well made, i'll have fun searching through it :-D
  9. ArachnidSentinl

    ArachnidSentinl Arachnoknight Arachnosupporter

    Beautiful photography and a great site! Well done.

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  10. birdspidersCH

    birdspidersCH Arachnopeon

    Thank you guys!
    I just added another small article

  11. Exoskeleton Invertebrates

    Exoskeleton Invertebrates Arachnoprince Old Timer

    I was born in Managua glad to hear someone went down there, I hope you guys enjoy the visit to my homeland.

  12. birdspidersCH

    birdspidersCH Arachnopeon

    Thank you guys!
    Yes, I really enjoyed Nicaragua - such a beautiful country. I hope I can go back in 2015 to finish further studies in some more remote areas (like Bosawas Reserve)

    I've just added another small article

    cheers Martin
  13. Exoskeleton Invertebrates

    Exoskeleton Invertebrates Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Nice! I hope to go back home some day I have not seen my homeland since 1980 I was only 9 years old.

  14. birdspidersCH

    birdspidersCH Arachnopeon

  15. birdspidersCH

    birdspidersCH Arachnopeon

    I did not want to create a new thread for this.

    We just redesigned the whole website, so you all are welcome to have a look at new articles and pictures regarding tarantulas in the wild :) Enjoy and leave me a comment!

  16. grumpycow3

    grumpycow3 Arachnosquire

    you can expect an unexpected guest later.
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  17. birdspidersCH

    birdspidersCH Arachnopeon

    Xenesthis sp. White in its natural habitat! Enjoy :) Hope you like it!

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