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New ts arrived today

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by grayzone, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. grayzone

    grayzone Arachnoking Active Member

    :biggrin: today ive scratched 2 off the ol' wishlist... got my A. versi sling and the A. diversipes ive been wanting badly. i always laughed at people who talk like they LOVE ts, and even though im a poeci guy these guys REALLY do make an impression. the versi is fast and jumps like a mad man but the diversipes is really chill (surprisingly) ... i love how it walks. i got them from Tonys spiders and IMO i got them both SHIPPED for a steal of a deal. im a bargain shopper and finally came across a deal i couldn't refuse. tony told me that in his opinion they are both female and i take his word for it as he bred these guys and seems VERY knowledgeable. he also says the versi is 6i (cant tell the size for sure but about size of a quarter or larger) and the diversipes is 4i and a bit larger (and leggier) than the versi. i will post some pics tonight... i have a fairly good idea of how to raise these guys but any tips, tricks , and suggestions would be highly appreciated ... as i prefer to deal with EXPERIENCED avic owners. Avicularia MAY become my new fav genus. Poecis are beautiful but so are avics, PLUS they have alot of personality

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    oh yeah, btw they are both already webbing and settling in nicely... or so it seems... i see that ? asked all the time so before it happens HERE i thought it best to post this
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  2. grayzone

    grayzone Arachnoking Active Member

  3. grayzone

    grayzone Arachnoking Active Member

  4. grayzone

    grayzone Arachnoking Active Member

    better pics later, including enclosures ... in a rush
  5. SamuraiSid

    SamuraiSid Arachnodemon

    Congrats on the new additions. Avics are a blast.

    The only thing I can think of telling you, and Im not sure if this is an arboreal thing, because Ive only got Avic arboreals, I noticed them both losing their grip on the container, and falling often. Upon closer inspection they were just laying security lines. That is all:)
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  6. catfishrod69

    catfishrod69 Arachnoemperor

    Awesome man. Glad you FINALLY got them! First off, be careful to not let that diversipes get lost in that jungle. Haha. As far as keeping Avics, i keep them exactly as i do my Pokies. Slings are kept with descent ventilation, and misting once every few days. I mist down the side of the vials/delis to let some water build up on a side of the substrate, then i give the sides of the vials/delis/webbing a few squirts. Other than that i havent had a single problem from them. I keep my adult Avics mostly dry with a water dish. At every feeding i dump a small amount of water into the substrate near a non poopy spot, and mist a little. Have fun.
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  7. mmfh

    mmfh Arachnobaron

    I love getting new babies. Your avics are very cute. Congradulations!
  8. Nice love my versi and really want to pick up a diversipes, unfortunately my versi has become a MM :( and lost half his boy junk in his mature molt but I've been lookin around a lot if any one has some good prices hit me up as I got a few fifty dollar bills in pre-molt :)
  9. Storm76

    Storm76 Arachnoemperor

    Awesome, Steve! Yours are somewhat bigger than mine, though! Congrats on those new additions however and I hope, they'll grow up fine.

    Last edited: Mar 24, 2012
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  10. Very nice additions. They are little cuties, for sure! I have several different species of Avics but don't have any diversipes, they sure are beautiful.
  11. awolfe

    awolfe Arachnosquire

    Congrats, ill be watching for pictures as they grow :)
  12. Beautiful T's! Definitely two species I eventually want to add to my collection at some point.
  13. Jared781

    Jared781 Arachnobaron

    WOW.... siick dude!!!!!!

    Two of the best Avic's in my opinion aha
    How much!??

    When i first seen the A. diver, i thought it was A. amazonica haah
  14. Prometheus

    Prometheus Arachnoknight

    Fantastic additions to any collection and nice choice of avic.
  15. grayzone

    grayzone Arachnoking Active Member

    just wanna say thanks to all who've shared.. if anybody else has tips or questions keep em comin... NO MORE COMMENTS ON MY HAIRY ARMS lol:biggrin:
  16. Storm76

    Storm76 Arachnoemperor

    Whereas A. amazonica slings look TOTALLY different...like this one:

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  17. skar

    skar Arachnobaron

    Tellin you, you'll love em .
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  18. Very nice looking slings :)

    I also have an A versi sling, they're rather active and web quite a bit as well.

    As Skar said, you'll love them :drool:
  19. Jared781

    Jared781 Arachnobaron

    The sling looked similar to an adult... thats WHAT i was pointing out
  20. Prometheus

    Prometheus Arachnoknight

    Hairy arms?? I thought they were walking on their mothers legs! :)
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