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New to Tarantulas!

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Daniel266jz, Oct 26, 2017.

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    Hello, I am new in the Tarantula hobby and have been wanting one for quite some time. I plan to buy a Brachypelma Boehmei. I as most possibly going to have a sling and I was wondering if a 5gal glass enclosure with a lockable top and padlock would be okay? Sling would be around 1". Also would you recommend sphagnum moss with coco fiber mix? Water cup or occasional spray down of substrate? I will also include cork bark and a coconut halve for hides. Do they spin webs a lot or not as much as i heard GBB like to make web but i was steered away from OLD WORLD spider since I am a beginner? Thank you!:jimlad:
  2. Nightshady

    Nightshady Dislike Harvester Arachnosupporter

    Haha, I just got my first sling a week or two ago and am clearly not an expert, but I can tell you what the experts will say.

    Don't put a sling in an adult cage. I did the exact same thing because I didn't know any better. You can get a sling cage for like $10-$15. Here's where I got mine:


    Good luck! I'm only a couple weeks in myself and loving it.
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  3. Thank you! I just might order this now!
  4. cold blood

    cold blood Moderator Staff Member

    I'm guessing most of your research wasn't done in the right places...which is normal, as its hard to find proper info on ts...pet stores are brutal, care sheets are beyond useless and you tube is a comedy of what not to do....unfortunately these are the most common (and easiest) places to attempt to learn from. Literally forget all of it, start over here, where you get info from actual keepers, keeping the actual kinds of spiders you own.

    A 5 gal would ONLY be appropriate for a full grown adult. A sling would be lost in there, it would be not only hard to find, but hard to monitor and it would be doing the sling no favors when it comes to easy meals. Slings (NW terrestrials that is) housed in over-size enclosures tend to burrow away obsessively, and as a result be poor eaters and this will result in glacial growth rates and constant frustrations on your part.

    Simplify! At 1" house it in a standard 16oz deli cup, with a hide and water dish...very easy...it can stay there till close to 3".

    or more basic...

    As for the locking lid, there's no reason to have padlocks or things like that unless you have children you want to keep out. The tarantula lacks the opposable digits and problem solving skills to escape....escapes are always operator error of some sort.

    Substrate is a matter of personal preference...peat moss, coco fiber, eco earth, jungle mix or even plain top soil all work fine...just avoid wood chips. My preference is basic topsoil, coco fiber is by far the most popular hobby wide.
    No need to ever spray, just keep a water dish.

    Coconut halves are practically worthless, and way way waaaaaaaaay too big for anything but a large adult....and too big for most adults. Ts don't like roomy places, a hide should be tight, just enough to get the t underneath....the t will then excavate from there.

    With a 1" t, there's absolutely no reason to have multiple hides as there just won't be the room for it.

    Brachypelma don't web much at all...and as they grow, tend to rarely even use hides.

    Good choice steering away from OWs...your choice is a good one.
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  5. cold blood

    cold blood Moderator Staff Member

    Seriously, just go with a deli cup...its far superior....and free. JMO
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  6. cold blood

    cold blood Moderator Staff Member

    That's at the very highest end cost wise for sling enclosures...still not expensive...just saying...well, cause you are new to the hobby:)

    Keep in mind that with this hobby, the most expensive isn't always the best...and sometimes the cheapest alternatives, can be the best.
  7. Than you so much for all the use full info! I was smart enough to know not to trust pet stores at all lol. Yes i do have a son who is very cunning when it comes to getting into my stuff which is why I want a lockable cage. I might just get that jamies reptile enclosure....
  8. cold blood

    cold blood Moderator Staff Member

    Tarantula enclosure...jamies doesn't even sell reptiles...lol. And its not any more lockable than a deli cup. Your locking options won't be available until you have a larger enclosure....you want a sling enclosure that locks, you will need to make it. Search around, there are a few really good how to's on the subject...one guy @petkokc , I believe...made some great ones out of cd cases.
  9. Yes sorry I have chameleons so i was thinking reptiles at the moment lol and okay ill look around thank you!
  10. darkness975

    darkness975 will the Sun ever rise? Arachnosupporter

    @cold blood basically covered what you should know for now so I will just add @Daniel266jz welcome to the hobby and rest assured you will have a dozen soon enough. They're like potato chips, you cannot have only one!
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  11. Thank you. Yes ive heard. Same way with chameleons. Had one and ended with two I spoil them haha.
  12. Nightshady

    Nightshady Dislike Harvester Arachnosupporter

    I know I'm new to the hobby, but I just can't understand some people's insistence on using odd things to house slings/juveniles and even adults. My sling cage cost like $12. It's going to look infinitely better on display in that versus a deli cup. I'm not knocking people who don't want an improved display habitat, but I do find it odd.
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  13. Nightshady

    Nightshady Dislike Harvester Arachnosupporter

    How is the deli cup superior to a sling cage out of curiosity? Keep in mind the cost is a non-factor.
  14. Moakmeister

    Moakmeister Arachnobaron

    The B. boehmei might not be the best choice for a first tarantula. They're GORGEOUS, but they're skittish and will kick huge clouds of hair at any disturbance. If you can manage to find one, you should purchase an Aphonopelma bicoloratum, which looks like the B. boehmei, but better. And it's very slow and docile. But it will be expensive due to its rarity.
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  15. cold blood

    cold blood Moderator Staff Member

    Condiment and deli cups aren't "odd things, they are and have been hobby staples for decades....and for a reason. If I were a billionaire, I would still prefer to use deli cups and condiment cups. But that also doesn't mean its the only way, just my preferred way. You aren't alone, there are some that hate deli cups like you, I just don't get that, they are just so functional.

    "How is the deli cup superior to a sling cage out of curiosity?"

    (1)It can be ventilated simply, and in any manner or configuration required...perfect ventilation every time, regardless of the species or how its set up, important considering sling housing is temporary and will likely be used over and over with different species over the years....(2)I can put enough sub in to keep it from being too tall....the tops of those make up a lot of wasted and unwanted vertical space. I favor ground space, not vertical space, which the deli cups just have more of...get a bigger one with more ground space, vertical space just increases with it. (3)They can also be safely and easily stacked, so more ts take up less space...and visibility is no better or worse, its just a different shape. (not something important to you....yet, but one day it might be)

    I get if people have a few and want a display, exo terras, acrylic, AMEX and the like are fine, there's nothing wrong with that at all, just don't be fooled into thinking that those provide a superior environment from the spider standpoint, they don't.

    Keep in mind I don't have like 3 or 4 tarantulas....You don't understand how not all are "displays", but I don't get preferring pretty cages to numbers of interesting species. No biggie though, just a different way of looking at things....and in this hobby, there certainly can be a wide range of the way we all do things.

    When housing hundreds of them (something most new keepers aren't even considering), it would cost a fortune to be buying exo terras or acrylic (sling housing in amex would be equally daunting...100 deli cups, $1.99, 100 amex boxes, 500-1000 bucks, and they would still take up more space...personally, I would rather spend on actual tarantulas.:D I house most juvies and adults in sterilite (super cheap), again I can easily ventilate any to my specifics, I really like that, its important....and again they can be stacked so I can house significantly more ts in the same space.

    I don't get the desire to display...I have an entire room, and virtually no one but me ever sees them...why would I spend more to display something no one is looking at?o_O....most of my friends don't even like it when the door to my t room is open.:hilarious: And frankly, I have never had personal visibility issues...my room is for me, I ain't trying to impress with it (not saying you or anyone is), although many are really cool looking (and functional) set ups...hehe.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2017
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  16. Moakmeister

    Moakmeister Arachnobaron

    It's superior because it's easy to set up. Howeverrrrrrrrr, if you want to set up a really nice enclosure, try this stuff:
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  17. The Grym Reaper

    The Grym Reaper Arachnoreaper Arachnosupporter


    How does that look bad? Besides, I have like at least a dozen slings and just as many juvies, screw paying well over £100 for what are essentially modded AMAC boxes that I'll eventually stop using (unless I keep perpetually buying slings until I cark it but I can't see that happening tbh), those pots with the white lids are like 50p each (drill a few holes in the sides/lid and they're perfect for slings up to 2" and they're stackable).

    I can get arboreal/obligate burrower sling enclosures for a couple of quid each from the craft shop about 10 mins walk from my house and the 4L juvie arboreal tubs are a few quid off eBay, if I'd bought Exo Terra Nano Tall enclosures for all of the juvie arboreals I'd have spunked over £150 and those wouldn't even be final enclosures for some of those species.


    I'm not even that arsed about how it looks as long as it's fit for purpose.
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  18. Nightshady

    Nightshady Dislike Harvester Arachnosupporter

    Thanks for reply. I totally get that they take up less space and are cheaper. Without question if you have dozens or hundreds of spiders, then it's almost certainly the way to go. I also understand that you are WAY more knowledgeable than I, but as a newbie to the hobby I would only offer this bit of advice...

    People new to the hobby I would suspect want to show off their single or at most very few animals. The thought of putting my new prize posession in something as mundane as a deli cup nears sacrilege. In fact, when people told me I should do such it sort of turned me off altogether, like putting a Monet painting in fence-post frame if you will.

    I'm sure you've been doing this a long time, and I am eternally grateful for such a great resource here to learn from. The only thing I can offer you is just a reminder that us noobs want to show off our few animals, so perhaps cut us some slack when we buy a $15 cage for our slings haha!

    Hope you don't take this the wrong way... I am quite sincere when I say that I love this resource here and am glad to learn from people like you! Cheers.
  19. Nightshady

    Nightshady Dislike Harvester Arachnosupporter

    Oooh, those do look nice. Will check them out. Thanks!
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  20. cold blood

    cold blood Moderator Staff Member

    Those are deli cups and cheap sterilite like enclosures...exactly what I was talking about. See, they don't look as bad as you thought.
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