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new tank build

Discussion in 'Vivariums and Terrariums' started by Billy 5ek, May 1, 2014.

  1. Billy 5ek

    Billy 5ek Arachnopeon


    I started building a new tank and I just wanted to share.A friend gave me his old tank and I decided to make my juvie A.versi a new permanent enclosure. Build is still in progress. I am not sure how the lower part will look like yet,I have a few ideas,nothing breathtaking tho,so I'll just keep on brainstorming xD. Background is made of styrofoam and foam. I took a few pics of what I made so far;

    20140501_132844.jpg 20140501_133327.jpg
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    ARACHNO-SMACK48 Arachnoknight

  3. Looking good like how you got the skull made into the back ground post some pics when versi moves in :)
  4. Billy 5ek

    Billy 5ek Arachnopeon

    It is Exo terras brick moss and brick plantation soil mix

    ---------- Post added 05-01-2014 at 05:29 PM ----------

    Skull was foamed in,its actually a plastic ashtray. I took some pics while i was building it,I'll post them later =).
  5. MarkmD

    MarkmD Arachnoprince

    Pretty cool build.
  6. Billy 5ek

    Billy 5ek Arachnopeon

    Thanks,I am glad to see others like it too. I made a cave for KK aswell,for the giggles :biggrin:

    20140430_221043 (1).jpg
  7. Billy 5ek

    Billy 5ek Arachnopeon


    I managed to finish my little KKs cave,here it is;


    I hope you like it.
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  8. Exactly how do you "foam in" something. Id like to learn how to make decorations like that it looks awesome!
  9. Ocho

    Ocho Arachnopeon

    Yeah. I'd love to hear a little more about your technique as well. Amazing work, man. Really digging the cave... Has to be the nicest looking KK for T's on the planet :clap:
  10. Billy 5ek

    Billy 5ek Arachnopeon

    Heya,build itself is pretty easy but it makes one hell of a mess =)

    I made a background from styrofoam and positioned the pieces how i wanted them;


    After positioning is done,apply the foam;


    I hope this helps =)
  11. Billy 5ek

    Billy 5ek Arachnopeon

    Thanks,it turned out better then I expected xD

    I have put the cardboard on sides of the KK and glued it up a bit. So basically,when cardboard is taken out,you get a KK shaped cardboard.
    After that,apply the foam,wait until it dries,rip down the cardboard and start cutting of the excess untill desired shape of the cave.


    There is probably an easier way to do it,just make a pile from foam and trim it until you get the desired shape.
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  12. Ocho

    Ocho Arachnopeon

    Very cool technique! I would think that would give a more polished result than just trimming with trial and error.... I hope to give it a shot soon! Thanks for posting the extra pics too. Helps a lot :)
  13. viper69

    viper69 ArachnoGod Old Timer

    That's the best looking KK I've seen.

    So you put cardboard inside KK and foamed within the KK??
  14. Billy 5ek

    Billy 5ek Arachnopeon

    Thanks,I'm glad you like it. I foamed it outside,the cardboard was firmly hot glued. I wouldn't risk foaming inside,if the foam touches the KK wall,I doubt that thing will come off easy, if at all. I wouldnt risk it.
  15. viper69

    viper69 ArachnoGod Old Timer

    Exactly, it would. Sometimes people use garbage bags to line the tanks. How did you gets yours to be brown?
  16. pannaking22

    pannaking22 Arachnoemperor Active Member

    Very nice set ups! Seem like they would be pretty easy to make too!
  17. iamthegame06

    iamthegame06 Arachnosquire

    looks really nice! i really want to start building my own, but i dont have time for it with school and everything..hopefully i can make one during summer :D
  18. Billy 5ek

    Billy 5ek Arachnopeon

    It's actually pretty easy,I bought some black aquarium silicone,smeared it over the foam and dumped some substrate over and let it cure over night.

    Here is a video of something similar ; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evEIk0A3W3s
  19. Billy 5ek

    Billy 5ek Arachnopeon


    I finally got some plexiglass and I managed to finish front doors. I hope the ventilation is sufficient.
    I still need to finish the lock on it. Here is it;


    And with the extra plexiglass,I modified my Exoterras terrarium cover. I removed the mesh and installed plexiglass. No spider shall ever get stuck in this terrarium ever again xD

  20. vespers

    vespers Arachnodemon

    I'm assuming you glued it to the bottom of the frame?