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New T mid molt when opening

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Bhickman, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. Jason B

    Jason B Arachnosquire

    I'm sorry it did not make it... but atleast you know you did all you could.

    As far as this seller is concerned this experience of yours is enough that I wouldn't want to do business with them and I would want to help prevent others from going through this situation. This T did not have to die it was completely avoidable. And as far as the whole mistakes will happen thing goes... this seller should have done something for the OP the moment the first pictures were sent.. he spent 70 dollars expecting a healthy T.. what he ended up getting was like half a tarantula even if the op had been more fortunate with the outcome the seller should have refunded atleast most of the cost of this T if he could not replace it and the fact that 10 days later he still has gotten nothing is reason enough for a negative review.
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  2. nicodimus22

    nicodimus22 Arachnobaron Arachnosupporter

    Agreed. Problems do happen, but as a business owner you have to be all over them immediately and bend over backwards to satisfy that customer. If you don't, someone else will, and you'll lose that customer and probably get some negative word of mouth/reviews.

    Example: I had a DOA P. sazimai sling (ruptured abdomen) in January. I took the photos and e-mailed the seller, explaining what had happened. He responded within 15 minutes, and in addition to replacing the sling, offered me a choice from another species as a freebie. I was not interested in that species and declined his offer, but it was a nice gesture. When I got my package, there were 2 P. sazimai slings in it, doubling my chances to get a female. That is excellent customer service. That is how you need to handle problems like this if you want a glowing review (and repeat business) instead of a negative review. It doesn't sound like the seller in this case is very motivated to help the customer out.
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  3. Bhickman

    Bhickman Arachnosquire

    i do hate to leave a bad review i know things happen. its just a crappy first experince for a lot of things at once. 1st sling, 1st molt, first online order, and first time using this seller. he only has positive reviews on here and he did send a freebie but it was one hes selling for i think $10. still no response since last friday. and ive emailed 2 times since this friday once saying i thought she might have passed and then one to confirm she had passed. i wish i would have waited they have a reptile expo near us at the end of july i started to wait for but was impatient. im just glad i went ahead and ordered the a. metallica at the same time would have sucked to get one spider and it died. only reason i did was i figured im already paying shipping might as well go ahead and take advantage of that and get another. the freebie was a c. darlingi i dont know that i would have ever got one of those being from what ive read of old worlds and how defensive and as new as we are. but we can grow together and get used to each other. it has been cool to watch how its setting up its enclosure. its only 1/4" right now. and the metallica is beautiful
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  4. Bhickman

    Bhickman Arachnosquire

    The seller just responded said "he was sorry to hear that, he thought it would pull through for sure. was glad to hear I did all I could and that if he had any g pulchra left he'd give me a pretty hefty discount but that was his last one he had available". So that sucks definitely make me think twice about ordering again period just scary being in a new hobby forking out that money and this happen wish I wouldn't have paid the higher shipping for the lag now since it seems worthless. Atleast I got an apology I guess. Would have been nice to get something back I could put towards another just feels like ivthrew that money away now and have to pay out all that money again if I want to get another one. Which at this point I don't know. We don't really have anything local and I'm not sure I want to order online between Ts and shipping gets expensive. I was hoping if I got anything back at all I would use it at the repticon show I beleiv e it is at the end of July be about an hour drive but no worries with shipping mishaps. Maybe I can talk the wife into okaying me spending money again lol man this has been an awful experience jeez. Well thank everyone again y'all have been awesome
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  5. keks

    keks Arachnobaron Active Member

    That is not the nice way at all, and absolutely unprofessional. I never would order there again. He could refund you (or at least a part of) the money you paid for the t if he don't have another one. This is customer service. It is not your fault that this poor thing died.
    I am so sorry for you (to say it again). Go to the show, if you can. You get your ts cheaper, you can see it before paying and you have no shipping risks. And you can talk to other people, maybe you find somebody else in your neighborhood with tarantulas.
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  6. Andrea82

    Andrea82 Arachnoking Active Member

    I know it is hard to write a bad review, but if people don't get bad reviews, that means they can get away with this kind of behaviour, and will continue to do so.
    About the seller's response...that is just a load of crap. He can easily give a refund and that has nothing to do with the pulchra being available or not.
    It doesn't matter that he has all positive reviews. Mistakes are mistakes and need to be set right.
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  7. Leila

    Leila Arachnobaron

    Thank you for keeping this thread up to date. I know your experience has been an incredibly tough one, and I am so so sorry that you had to endure what must have been a mental/emotional rollercoaster.. You really did go above and beyond for that poor tarantula. :::big hugs:::

    Please never purchase another T from that vendor. I agree with the others here. An adequate review should be left on the forum in the appropriate place. You will not be a jerk for leaving a review. You gave the vendor ample time to respond, but he/she refused to reciprocate decent communication.

    I wish you well, love. :shy::shy:
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  8. JoshDM020

    JoshDM020 Arachnobaron Active Member

    Ive been watching this thread and i agree with everyone. This is awful and that dealer needs to re-evaluate their business model. "Refunded one apology for an expensive spider that died due to dealer mistake" will look great in a review. Just saying. Also, should you ever try online again, Inland Sea is a really good guy, reasonable prices, will answer any of your questions and tries his best to prevent any complications, shipping is calculated by distance so its not some $50 flat rate BS (no offense to those of you that do that, but 13 dollars from a few states away makes $50 from barely over the state line look silly for those of us financially challenged) (i hope that doesnt violate any terms of service). He doesnt have any pulchras listed at the moment but hes got a lot of good spiders *cough* A. geniculata *cough*. Anyways, a review doesnt have to be bad. Just point out that they didnt meet standards of customer service that would please most people. Mention what happened with the spider. And try again with another dealer or stick to expos/pet stores. Hope the other spiders work out for you!:)
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  9. Haemus

    Haemus Arachnosquire

    Normally I am hesitant towards negative reviews as they are often used to coerce businesses into unreasonable concessions, but this is a case that definitely warrants one. An apology is not enough.

    If his reviews are polished, when yours gains traction, he'll have no choice but to reach a more satisfactory conclusion with you. Good luck :)
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  10. mconnachan

    mconnachan Arachnoprince Active Member

    You deserve a replacement or a refund, no quibbles, you tried so hard to help, so if you hadn't helped the seller would have refunded the cost, what kind of customer service is this - awful business, I would never buy from this dealer again, a negative review is a must in this case, as we all agree this is NOT the way to do business, still feel terrible for you.
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  11. ErinM31

    ErinM31 Arachnoangel Active Member

    I discovered this thread last night and read through it all, hoping for a happy ending for you and the poor T. :( I'm so sorry that you had to go through that and applaud you for doing everything you could for the tarantula!

    Take all the time you need but I hope that this will not turn you off from getting more tarantulas or purchasing from the better online dealers! As others have stated, many will go above and beyond the stated ToS and if you PM any of us, we'd be glad to give recommendations (don't think I'm supposed to here). It sounds like you did your homework before ordering from this dealer and I too had a bad experience with one of the big names with lots of positive reviews -- in my case, a DOA instead of all that you went through. It might have discouraged me from buying online too except that I'd had many great experiences with another dealer (who doesn't sell many T's which is why I looked elsewhere). I contacted the seller but NEVER heard back; not even an apology for what little that is worth. I think I left a tepid but not negative review because I was new and the ToS were technically followed so I thought it would be wrong to post a negative review. There are times when the buyer can knowingly take a risk with their choice of shipping or ordering fragile specimens that cannot be guaranteed; HOWEVER, no LAG is NOT license to send dead animals and not correct what was clearly a mistake on the dealer's end.
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  12. Ghost56

    Ghost56 Arachnobaron

    Don't accept that at all, email back and fight for the refund. Link them this thread if you haven't already. The seller is a complete moron if "he thought for sure it was going to pull through". If you paid for LAG, and they still refuse to refund you, I would get in contact with an admin/moderator. At the least, hopefully we could get them off this forum.
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  13. Bhickman

    Bhickman Arachnosquire

    i did choose his cheaper option for shipping but still had LAG which i guess technically it did arrive alive. i just left review it wouldn't let me post the pic of the day i opened it but could of later pics. i mentioned this thread in case anyone needed or wanted to see to verify. felt bad not being able to post that pic cause i felt like i was someone complaining but not proving it so i mentioned this thread for a reference. felt like i ws in school again guess i rambled on and had to revise the review to fit. but was just trying to tell the story. i was honest he had fair prices offered discounts for the new site, and gave a freebie. just my experience sucked. i think im going to try for the show next month i really would like a g pulchra or E. sp red. are the 2 that im eyeballing right now. just hard to justify spending money again after the loss. but have a month or more. so well see. just got email back from seller after review saying
    "Hey man,

    Appreciate your review on the Boards. Sorry the transaction didn't go the way either of us wanted. LAG honestly only refers to literally arrival for most sellers. And I honestly thought she'd pull though. Anyway, I'm not here to try and get you change anything on the review, I'll take that feedback because I could've definitely handled the situation a little better. I just don't want this to discourage you from leaving the hobby, I don't have to be your T dealer cuz there's a lot of others out there but, this is a great hobby and I wouldn't want a little incident to discourage someone from being involved in it. Take care!". so i guess thats that then. well again thanks everyone for everything well just see where it goes from here maybe find some good stuff at the show and i can talk the wife in to lol.
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  14. Ghost56

    Ghost56 Arachnobaron

    This couldn't be further from the truth.
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  15. mconnachan

    mconnachan Arachnoprince Active Member

    Not the way it's meant to, missing limbs, mid - molt.
    No I've had T's for 3 days and they've just died on me no death curl, nothing, and received an apology and replacement.
    Agreed 110% LAG is more than it arriving alive, it means it arrives alive and in the condition you expected.....shocking.
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  16. nicodimus22

    nicodimus22 Arachnobaron Arachnosupporter


    He could STILL EASILY MAKE IT RIGHT, but he has decided not to.
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  17. Ghost56

    Ghost56 Arachnobaron

    Can't believe it either.. This thread has almost 7 pages of replies. The guy just screwed himself out of a lot of business, which could have easily replaced the loss of a spider/$70 tenfold.
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  18. Bhickman

    Bhickman Arachnosquire

    what sucks also is when i opened the box had a card with a code for 25% of the next visit and i had all intentions of using that thought that was awesome but then the nightmare started.
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  19. Ghost56

    Ghost56 Arachnobaron

    Ya, I don't understand this guys thought process behind this at all. Really sucks this is your first experience. I know it'll be hard, but please don't let this leave a sour taste in your mouth. I can assure you, this is not normal. There's a ton of sellers on here that wouldn't have sent a T in premolt to begin with, and if something like this did happen, would've done right by you instantly.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2017
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  20. Andrea82

    Andrea82 Arachnoking Active Member

    Anyone got a link to the review?

    Yes, the seller was 'very friendly' in sending you an OW freebie for which you not feel ready at all.
    I can't believe he still tries to take advantage of the fact that you are a new keeper and first time arrival from shipment.
    After all this I would have sent you a beginner spider for free just to let you know that it usually works out very well via shipment. But I'm in Europe so that's not possible.
    He should have let you choose a replacement of same value.
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