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New River Rust Rump

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by gypsy cola, Nov 8, 2016.

  1. Paiige

    Paiige Arachnobaron

    I know this thread is over a month old but I am strongly considering A chalcodes as my next T and I'm partial to the bright, light blonde colors. Wanted to see if anyone had any additional input as to locality of this beauty. I've done a bit of searching and a lot of the 'New River' sp seem to have a reddish/rusty tinge to them. The common name also seems to aptly be "New River Rust Rump," hence the reddish abdomen. I'm looking to avoid that (though they are very pretty) and find one that's as light and neutral-toned as possible.
  2. Tfisher

    Tfisher Arachnoknight

    So what do I name my a chalcodes? Hahha jk jk:joyful:
  3. LailaQ

    LailaQ Arachnosquire

    If anyone is still able to reply to this thread, can someone please give me an idea of their adult size?
  4. Butterbean83

    Butterbean83 Arachnopeon

    From what I've just read before coming to this thread then I'd say about 4-5" legspan and 4-5.5" in the New River Rust Rump locality, and with some rare 6"+ specimens.
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