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New little fella, Augacephalus ezendami (Golden Baboon) :)

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Phases, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Phases

    Phases Arachnosquire

    This guy seems pretty chill so far. Though, he did make the cutest little escape attempt ever when being moved into his new home:


    So he stretched out to 2 inches. This is a container I had on hand, I figure he can be in this a little bit, he should be pretty comfortable. Should have seen what he was in. Same size container about, but literally under 1 inch of substrate. Almost like if he didn't have his webbing he'd have next to none at all. Hopefully he feels a little better in this for the time being.

    Thought we'd give him a treat after his move. Little Red Goblin roach.

    We'll see how he does in that enclosure :)
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2017
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  2. cold blood

    cold blood Moderator Staff Member

    Why are you handling it:banghead::banghead:
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  3. Phases

    Phases Arachnosquire

    Well again, like the first line says, it was a tiny little escape attempt. So we took a picture.
  4. Andrea82

    Andrea82 Arachnoking Active Member

    Cute little thing for sure. But that little cutie can deliver a bite that's not cute at all ;) if it escapes, it is probably safer to use a catchcup or straw or something like that, and keep your hands away from it.
    Enclosure should do fine, I offered mine plenty of substrate to burrow in, but instead she just dug out one of the corners, webbed it over and considered it done. Layed some silk carpets all over everything and called it home :D
    I don't mind, that way I can see her all the time, of which I don't ever get bored of I think. Absolutely stunning species!
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  5. cold blood

    cold blood Moderator Staff Member

    use a catch cup
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  6. Phases

    Phases Arachnosquire

    That's the exact same thing my C. darlingi did! I gave 8 inches, she dug out two inches in a corner and webbed everything and chills on the surface!
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  7. Andrea82

    Andrea82 Arachnoking Active Member

    They're secretely anarchists I think, planning to overthrow the ruling order of obligate burrowers....:eek:
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  8. Ghost56

    Ghost56 Arachnobaron

    Just keep in mind, these cute little slings can and will hurt just as much as an adult if bitten. In other words, don't bother taking pics next time lol. Focus on getting it off your body.
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  9. Phases

    Phases Arachnosquire

    When else am I going to get a picture like that? I'm an opportunistic picture taker :)

    Guys if I get bit by that little fella, the sun will still rise the next day. It'll be okay. I'm a risk taker (to some degree), not really worried about it. Biggest worry I would have is the spider being hurt or killed by my reaction, which I would try hard to avoid.

    I wouldn't try to pick these up, but when they do end up on me and aren't threat posing or spreading jaws, I have found that if you stay calm and move slow, well, there's time for a picture at least. ;) That's much less threatening I would think than doing whatever you're going to do to try to get it off.
  10. keks

    keks Arachnobaron Active Member

    Nice addition, it would be the second one (beside my M. balfouri) t when I wanted to have another old world :) .
    You still have on your mind that this is an old world, and not a C. versicolor? With different venom to new world tarantulas ^^? Some spiders are biting without threat posture, as my Euathlus did. It was without threaten, only lightning fast return and biting the tweezer. Never underestimate a tarantula!! With an old world this could be painful for a longer time. I know it from a guy who was bitten by a Poecilotheria.
  11. Phases

    Phases Arachnosquire

    Yah :)
    I'm excited to see him start to do his thing. Has not yet not taken to my tiny starter burrow.

    I'll check this am soon.
  12. Andrea82

    Andrea82 Arachnoking Active Member

    Mine pulled up her nose for the nice little burrow I started for her as well. She didn't want to go to ground at all :p
  13. Phases

    Phases Arachnosquire

    The first night I gave him a starter burrow and water dish. He filled both. So, I did the same again last night, and he did it again!

    Stubborn little one. My trapdoor did the same thing, after a few days she finally dug her own, where the soil was moist. I don't have moist soil here, hopefully that is okay. I know as adults they like it bone dry. This one is 2 inches.
  14. Trenor

    Trenor Arachnoprince

    So taking the time for a photo and then doing whatever you're going to do to get it off is much less threatening than just doing whatever you're going to do to get it off? Did I read that right? :confused:

    Honestly, if a tarantula ends up on a person's arm/hand/leg etc then mistakes have been made. On top of that taking a photo instead of taking care of a already bad situation is not the best course for you or the tarantula.

    I'm not going to die from a bee sting either but I'm not going to go down to the family farm and stick my naked arm in a bee hive. Even if I don't get permanently injured or walk away without even being stung it was still a bad idea.

    If this is happening to you regularly then you really should evaluate how your working with your Ts. That should only happen following an oh crap I really messed up moment which shouldn't be a regular thing.

    In all the time I have kept Ts this is the biggest one to get on my hand and I let it cause it was easier to unpack and house that way.

    I'm not trying to down you man. I'm concerned about the time it doesn't end with a nice photo op. I have several very fast nasty acting Ts that would have chewed you up right there and just like a bee sting makes people jump/swing/panic, I image a T bite will as well. Even if you're fine with the pain of the bite (I've never been bit so I have no personal experience with how it is), the reflexive arm jerk that sends the T flying across the room will likely not be good for it. If you find yourself in a bad situation work to defuse it before it can become worse.

    Side note: I'd try to give that T a bit more open space between the sub and the lid. I've found that if they don't have enough room from the sub to the lid then opening it can cause the T to be more flighty and more defensive. Once it settles into a burrow it wont matter as much but if it's out then that can be a factor to keep in mind.

    Good luck with your keeping.
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  15. Phases

    Phases Arachnosquire

    Guys, I appreciate the re-explaining of the concern over and over. If I were a bee keeper, I assure you I would have pictures of one on my arm. Esp if it landed there, was not moving, and my camera was handy because we were trying to record the session but it stopped recording thanks to being "too hot" and needing to "cool down", yet all that needed to happen was tapping one spot on the screen once.

    It literally took her about 1 second.

    It's going to be okay, everyone breath. I'm fine. The T is fine. If I get bit I get bit, I hardly think that's the end of the world. Though, rest assured I'd want to take a picture! Then you can delightfully say I told you so but goodness gracious everyone, why don't you let me decide, after input of course, how to handle myself and my Ts? I feel differently about the amount of non-hands-on the approach needs than some of you. It's okay.

    I get this is a very no-handle crowd. But not everyone is so hard core about it. I get this is an old world spider. I get that they have a nasty bite. I get that my reaction could and dare I say probably would have caused it harm. That would have been unfortunate, but we were where we were and we took the opportunity that was in front of us and snapped a photo. I will probably, after all, not have it on my skin again for the next however many years. And if I do I will probably take a picture. But I sure know better than to bother posting it here!
  16. Ghost56

    Ghost56 Arachnobaron

    You're taking it to heart just a little too much lol. It's a forum, with people of like minds, so you're gonna get multiple posts basically saying the same thing. Everyone's just offering friendly advice, try not to take it as an attack.

    Another reason why people are so stern about handling, especially OW's, is because of the media. This hobby is already on sketchy terms in some states/countries. So say you record a vid, spider bites you/someone else or something crazy happens, and it somehow ends up blowing up on youtube. Then it ends up on the news, which isn't good at all. People like news stations/media like to twist and turn things till it does serious damage.
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  17. Phases

    Phases Arachnosquire

    I think we have different views of how this conversation has been going from first post to this post, but no worries. I'd be happy to let this thread be closed or die off. :)