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NeoScales (Randy May)

Discussion in 'Online Seller/Buyer/Breeder Reviews' started by Rizzolo, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. Rizzolo

    Rizzolo Arachnoknight

    My transaction with Randy went flawlessly. i received beautiful, healthy (big) spiders and a really nice freebie. Randy did a great job packing, the shipment arrived as scheduled, and he followed up with me. I am really happy with the purchase and the service. Thanks!
  2. senor ocho

    senor ocho Arachnosquire

  3. Hamburglar

    Hamburglar Arachnobaron Old Timer


    I had a very positive transaction with Randy. Both spiders were in terrific shape. Great packaging, great communication.... couldn't be better..... :clap:
  4. julesaussies

    julesaussies Arachnobaron


    i recently received 5 large, perfect and beautiful T's from Randy. He was awesome to work with from the very beginning and continues to be even after the sale. i had admired Randy's photography for some time and knew these would be nice looking T's and i was definitely not disappointed. The packing was great and he shipped the exact day that was most convienant so i would be home to receive them. i will definitely be watching the classifieds for Randy's T's in the future and would jump at the chance to buy from him again.
  5. julesaussies

    julesaussies Arachnobaron

    Does it get more positive???

    Just wanted to give an update about the purchase i made from Randy early last month. i purchase 5 good size T's - only one was sold as female, the rest unsexed. Since then 3 of the 5 have molted. The one female (N. chromatus) molted and confirmed female. The B. vagans and now E. murinus have also molted in my care and are also female. i am anxious for the last two to molt so i can sex them. Regardless, i made out like a bandit on this deal. Randy is awesome!!
  6. mikeythefireman

    mikeythefireman Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Way freakin' positive.

    I just bought some Ts from Randy and I couldn't be happier. He had them priced so low they were almost free, I actually felt a little guilty buying them. He communicated the entire time. I'd buy again from him anyday.

  7. Positive

    Purchased a good amount of T's at a very good price and they all arrived in perfect health. Excellent packaging and excellent communication made the buy a breeze. I recommend Randy and would not question doing deals with him in the future. Thanks Randy.
  8. SkyeSpider

    SkyeSpider Spider Queen Old Timer


    Did a local transaction with Randy the other day. It couldn't have gone better. Even though he was running a bit behind in meeting me, he stayed in contact the whole time. I'd happily sell/trade/buy from him again :)