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Need some help on the translation of genus names

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by THR, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. THR

    THR Arachnosquire

    I'm fond of figuring out the real meanings of the scorps' latin names. I've already translated some of the genus and species names. But there are still a lot of genus names I don't understand. I'll list them below, can someone help me or give me a reliable latin translator?

    Pandinus, Cheloctonus, Hadogenes, Kolotl, Nebo, Iomachus, Zabius, Chaerilus, Alacran, Brotheas, Teuthraustes, Iurus, Vaejovis, Vaejovoidus, Mesomexovis, Balsateres, Konetontli, Kuarapu, Uroctonus, Buthus, Buthiscus, Buthacus, Buthiden, Butheoloides, Butheolus, Lissothus, Caraboctonus, Babycurus, Lychas, Ananteris, Grosphus, Alayotityus, Physoctonus, Uroplectes, Brachistosternus, Timogenes.

    As far as I konw for sure is, "-ctonus" means "to kill", "uro-" and "-urus" means "tail", "brach-" means "short" and "lisso-" means "smooth".

    "chact-" might refers to "hairy".

    "chelo-", I don't know whether it's the same meaning of "chelicera" or "chelonian".

    So combining the known parts, "uroctonus" means "tail-killing scorpion" and "cheloctonus" means "chelicera-killing scorpion", which sound weird.

    Also, there is a part in classification where I don't get it.
    Chactidae Family
    =Subfamily Uroctoninae
    ==Genus Uroctonus
    Vaejovidae Family
    =Subfamily Smeringurinae
    ==Tribe Smeringurini
    =Subfamily Vaejovinae
    ===Genus Uroctonites
    You can see a common part "-urocton-", how could this happen? In two different families?
  2. THR

    THR Arachnosquire

    Below are the solved(or half-sovled) genus names. FYI, "AMB" as in "Already mentioned before"
    Heterometrus: "heterometr-" for "inhomogeneous, unequal"("hetero-" meaning "different")
    Scorpio: Clearly "scorpion"
    Opistophthalmus: "Opisto-" for "rear, back", "ophthalmus" for "eyes"
    Opisthacanthus: "acanthus" for "spine"
    Diplocentrus: "diplo" for "double", "centr-" originally meaning "sharp point, goad"
    Didymocentrus: "didymo" for "dual-wedge"
    Tarsoporosus: "tarso" for "instep, ankle", "porosus" for "pore, orifice"
    Cryptoiclus: "crypto" for "secret, hidden",
    Cazierus: "Cazier", person's name
    Hemiscorpius: "hemi-" for "half", "scorpius" certainly meaning "scorpion"
    Liocheles: "lio-" for "smooth", "cheles" for "chela"
    Euscorpius: "eu-" for "good, well, normal"
    Someone may ask, "What about euscorpiops?" Well, I have no idea about the difference between "scorpius" and "scorpiops(also a genus name)"
    Neoscorpiops: "neo-" for "new"
    Megacormus: "mega-" for "giant", "cormus" for "body"
    Belisarius: General Flavius Belisarius?
    Troglorhopalurus: "trogolo-" for "thriving in caves", "rhopal-" for "stick-like", "-urus" for "tail"
    Sotanochactas: "sotano-" for "underground"
    Typhlochactas: "typhlo-" for "blind"
    Hadrurochactas: "hadr-" for "thick", "uro-" for "tail"
    Pseudochactas: "pseudo-" for "imitate, deception, counterfeit"
    Guyanochactas: "guyano-" for "Guyana"
    Nullibrotheas: "null-" for "invalid"
    Calchas: An augur's name
    Protoiurus: "proto" for "primitive"
    Stahnkeus: "Stahnke", person's name
    Thorellius: "Thorell", person's name
    Hoffmannius: "Hoffmann", person's name
    Serradigitus: "serra-" for "serration", "digitus" for "digit(meaning finger or toe)"
    Anuroctonus: "an-" for "fake"
    Smeringurus: "smering-" for "smooth"
    Urodacus: "dacus", "lacking hair"?
    Mesobuthus: "meso-" for "middle"
    Odontobuthus: "odonto-" for "teeth"
    Compsobuthus: "compso-" for "elegant"
    Apistobuthus: "apisto-" for "similar"
    Microbuthus: "micro-" for "small"
    Neobuthus: Already mentioned before. Neo-buthus
    Australobuthus: "australo-" for "australia"
    Sassanidotus: "sassani-" for "Sassanian Dynasty"
    Vachonus: "Vachon", person's name
    Vachoniolus: Also "Vachon", can't tell the difference
    Leiurus: "lei-" for "smooth"
    Androctonus: "andro-" for "man", "ctonus" for "to kill"
    Parabuthus: "para-" for "by the side of, beside,irregular, abnormal"
    Hadruroides: AMB. Ending with "-ides" usually means "imitate or similar"
    Hadrurus: AMB. Hadr-urus
    Hoffmannihadrurus: AMB. Hoffmanni-hadr-urus
    Centruroides: AMB. Centr-uro-ides
    Isometrus: "isometr-" for "equal, same in size, volume, proportion or distance"
    Hemilychas: AMB. Hemi-lychas
    Pseudolychas: AMB. Pseudo-lychas
    Hottentotta: "hottentot", a human race in Africa
    Heteroctenus(Former name as Rhopalurus): "ctenus", same with the "cten" in "ctenophore".(AMB. Rhopal-urus)
    Tityus: "Tityos", a mythical character
    Caribetityus: "caribe-" for "Caribbean"
    Microtityus: AMB. Micro-tityus
    Tityopsis: Ending with "-opsis", may refering to "similar"
    Orthochirus: "ortho-" for "straight", "chirus" for "hand"
    Paraorthochirus: AMB. Para-ortho-chirus
    Bothriurus: "bothri-" for "ravine"
    Orobothriurus: "oro-" for "mouth"
    Cercophonius: "cerco-/-cercus" for "tail", "-phonius/phonio-" for "sound"
    Phoniocercus: AMB. Phonio-cercus
    Urophonius: AMB. Uro-phonius
    Superstitionia: The superstition hills in AZ
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