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Narceus americanus melted my man parts....

Discussion in 'Myriapods' started by HunterScolo, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. HunterScolo

    HunterScolo Arachnopeon Active Member

    Ok well uhh... I’ll just start by saying that I own a huge narceus americanus which is just under 6 inches. I was sitting at my computer and heard her messing around in her cage, (huge critter keeper with tape over the slots for humidity.) yes Ik that’s frowned upon. Anyhow she had gotten slightly stuck to the old useless tape which is hardly sticky, I grabbed her and gently pulled her off and checked her undercarage and removed the tape replaced the lid.... I got back on my computer and even though I had smelled the unmistakable smell of pede “poison” I didn’t think anything of it. Scratched my junk a couple minutes later and within a minute it felt like I had icy hot on my dick, I was clueless as to what it was. Then I saw that my thumb was stained orange and I was in an extreme amount of pain... ran to the bathroom and washed up and I now have a cyanide burn on my penis. I’ve never been this pissed at myself before. Pede is now in a 5 gal screen top btw..... i got lucky she was ok but I got what I deserved for the poor husbandry. Fml
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  2. chanda

    chanda Arachnoprince Active Member

    For whatever it's worth, you did not suffer cyanide burns to your genitalia. The flat-backed millipedes (Polydesmida) are the ones that can secrete cyanide compounds. Narceus sp. secrete benzoquinones which can cause chemical burns (as you found out the hard way!)
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  3. Insectopia

    Insectopia Arachnopeon Arachnosupporter

    Don’t think anyone noticed the pun
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  4. HunterScolo

    HunterScolo Arachnopeon Active Member

    Help me out here
  5. HunterScolo

    HunterScolo Arachnopeon Active Member

    Ohhh gotcha, I was unaware of that. I sure did find out
  6. Tried the milk? Sugar water? Sorry bout your wang man. If it helps to laugh... i've had tarantula urticating hairs in bad places inadvertently!