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N.incei Rehouse Day

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Trenor, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. ThisMeansWAR

    ThisMeansWAR Arachnosquire

    Yeah, I have three Critter Keepers but they have so many drawbacks... they are ugly, too much ventilation, scratches easily, bad visibility and did I mention ugly? I use different deli cups for the slings for now, the juvies and adults have Critter Keepers and Exoterra's.

  2. boina

    boina Arachnoangel Arachnosupporter

    Interesting. I think the visibility is much better in critter keepers than in most deli cups, since the plastic is clearer. It's one of the reasons I use them. @Trenor s boxes are prettier, I'll give you that ;). And can there be such a thing as too much ventilation?
  3. isntscary

    isntscary Arachnopeon

    I use the containers Jasmati Rice comes in at the grocery store. The plastic is very clear and the size is perfect. Worked great for both of my N Inceis. They get all excited when they hear the lid unscrewing...like puppies begging for a treat, the way they run to the front 'doors' of their tunnels in anticipation of a roach.
  4. Trenor

    Trenor Arachnoprince

    Just a quick update: They have really taken to the new setups and have been webbing like crazy.

    Here is some photos of one of the Golds enclosures I took a week or so ago.
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  5. aphono

    aphono Arachnosquire

    The one I have is more than ready to leave the deli cup. Been thinking of how to setup for it.. those pics gave clear ideas of what makes them happy, appreciate the update and pics!
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