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My scorpion gave birth, but only to one baby, unexpectedly and I need help

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by AAO, Aug 24, 2019.

  1. AAO

    AAO Arachnopeon

    It has been more than an hour since the first baby showed up, and another one has not appeared. Is this normal? I’m scared for my scorpion and her baby. How long should it take for all the babies to come out? Is something wrong since it’s been so long?

    She just changed tanks so she is most likely already stressed and I have no idea why she decided now was the time for this.

    I have made it dark and quiet for her but I don’t know what else to do. She does not have a burrow yet and she started doing this out in the open :( she wouldn’t use any of the hides I gave her to do this.

    Also, if this does end up alright, she is a notorious climber. She tumbles of the kid of her cage multiple times a night. This is fine normally (5 inch drop onto soft cocofiber) but I’m worried if she does this with babies they will get damaged or fall off!

    Any help is appreciated, I’m honestly panicking.
  2. Spooderbank

    Spooderbank Arachnopeon

    Uhh well for starters I'd advise you to relax and give her space and time. Let nature take its course stressing her out will make it worse. So give it about 24 hours she probably work hide when having her babies and I dont think shell climb around and jump off of things with the babies on her back. If you notice she is and it's becoming dangerous to her offspring take out the decorations that's could give her height ability.