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My biggest spider...

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Greg Wolfe, Aug 7, 2004.

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    Took these last night to polish off the film that my X. Immanis was on. This is my largest, T. Blondi. Her sister shed the other day but the pix came out crummy. :D
  2. manville

    manville Arachnoking Old Timer

    nice tarantula! I hope i am getting one soon
  3. nice big and round booty. how big would you say that she is?
  4. Goliath...

    I have had her and her sister for quite a while now. This one is 9". Her sister is a little smaller. Goliaths are mind blowing, I recommend them highly.
    They need high moisture and eat like pigs. I like to get them when they are small and watch them grow. :)
  5. wow she is a monster. how big is her cage?
  6. Her sister...

    This is her sister I was mentioning earlier, she had a rough molt the other day but pulled through and is resting now. She dropped a massive pile of urticating hairs in the process, just putting the exuvium in a zip lock bag created a cloud. Benedryl kick in... :eek:
  7. is that peices of her molt i see on the substrate near her?