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Discussion in 'Online Seller/Buyer/Breeder Reviews' started by newspidermom, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. newspidermom

    newspidermom Arachnosquire

    Bought a mixed lot of B. lateralis roaches which after a little hiccup in shipping arrived alive and healthy. An awesome mix of sizes for every size T I have:) I had always gotten B. dubias in the past but didn't like how they burrowed and alot of my Ts didn't seem to like them. Tried these and all the Ts I tried feeding loved them:) I would buy from MWAInverts again and recommend to anyone looking for these roaches.
  2. Positive

    Bought a lot of B. lats from MWA. First shipment ran into some unexpected weather. (happens in Colorado sometimes). The package had already shipped when below 30 degree weather and snow came in to town (Sept 12th!) Needless to say there was a bit of death in that order but about 2/3 still survived. I barely had to bring up the issue and I was offered a replacement shipment free of charge. Finding customer service like that is rare these days and greatly appreciated. I would buy again no problem.
  3. sithlord

    sithlord Arachnopeon

    I ordered 500 mixed B lateralis from MWAinverts and all arrived alive with no problems. Service and packing was excellent. Will definitely purchase more from him.
  4. scorpsallday3

    scorpsallday3 Arachnopeon

    Recently bought 500 laterals roaches from MWAinverts, all roaches arrived in great condition. Great assortment of sizes from newborn to fully mature males and females. highly recommend! Will do business again.
  5. Fear Not Tarantulas

    Fear Not Tarantulas Fear Not Tarantulas Arachnosupporter

    I ordered a couple of thousand B. lateralis roaches and am very pleased with the communication and quality. These are great feeders if you have lots of slings - the babies are the perfect size. I will be doing business with them again!
  6. gromgrom

    gromgrom Arachnoprince

    After some difficulties with shipping and some escapees at work (due to difficulties with shipping as well!), MWA was able to make me a happy customer and I highly recommend them. Top notch customer service, and no more escapees! highly recommend them and i will be doing buisiness with them in the future! :)
  7. Sukai94

    Sukai94 Arachnobaron


    Good communication. The touches arrived as described. Would do business with again, thank you!

  8. z32upgrader

    z32upgrader Arachnoknight

    Moore, OK

    All 500 mixed roaches arrived alive and running! Not a single dead one. My Ts absolutely love them! Explosive attacks!
    Thanks! I would definitely recommend MWAInverts to anyone looking for top notch feeder roaches.
  9. purchased 1000 mixed, great communication!! thank you for an easy transaction
  10. IanCampbellherp

    IanCampbellherp Previously Ian Campbell

    Bought 1,000 mixed. I had a little wait and they threw in a bit extra! It was quick and the communication was great. I see myself ordering again.

  11. jakykong

    jakykong Arachnobaron

    Kent, Wa
    Ordered 1k red runners last week. They arrived in excellent condition, and only 2 days after shipping. They were very professionally packed; I'm sure fedex could have thrown them across a football field and most would survive. And his customer service is top-notch, everything went very smoothly.

    I would definitely buy from MWA again and recommend him to anyone. :)
  12. Scorpionluva

    Scorpionluva Arachnoangel Arachnosupporter

    I ordered some B. lateralis roaches from mwa and had a shipping error which delayed their arrival for a week most were dead due to the extreme cold weather but MWA made it right and then some !!!! they sent me a replacement and all arrived on time alive and healthy
    I Will definitely order from again and I recommend them for sure !!!!!
  13. Purchased a started colony of B. lats. Everything went smoothly and specimens are healthy and hardy. Couldn't be happier. Will be doing business with this guy again. Thank you

  14. horanjp

    horanjp Arachnosquire Arachnosupporter

    Bought 2k roaches from MWA; shipping was lengthy, but it wasn't a problem. Communication was great-he even catered to my packing request, which was creative, yet practical and effective. If I didn't buy enough to invest a large room, I'd definitely buy more in the future and recommend to anyone. Good seller.
  15. TheInv4sion

    TheInv4sion Arachnobaron Active Member

    Just received my purchase of 1000 Blatta Lateralis roaches and I believe no more than 10 died! They arrived healthy and were quite professionally packed. Definitely look forward to future dealings.
  16. EDED

    EDED Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Received package of lateralis

    They came healthy and alive.

    I have asked for more nymphs and that's exactly what I got.

    Transaction was none issue.

    Communication was excellent

    Thank you
  17. SteamBug

    SteamBug Arachnopeon

    Received package of roaches. Excellent communication and shipping. Would definitely do business with again : )
  18. EDED

    EDED Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Positive !

    another great transaction
    more healthy roaches received

    easy to communicate and order

    thank you!