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Most Underated Looking Spider

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Aviculariinae, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. Aviculariinae

    Aviculariinae Arachnoangel Old Timer

    I Think this the most underrated Tarantula around. I think these are a fantastic spider and everyone should have one in there collection................

    Psalmopoeus Cambridgei(CLICK PICTURE TO ENLARGE)


  2. cricket54

    cricket54 Arachnoangel Old Timer

    What do you like so much about this tarantula Brendan?

  3. FryLock

    FryLock Banned

    That it indeed is Brendan better then irminia in my warped mind {D
  4. Mojo Jojo

    Mojo Jojo Arachnoking Old Timer

    Brenden, I think I have to agree with you. The colors are very mild in comparison with many of the other spiders that get kudos for being amongst the most beautiful. But if you ask me, an adult females colors look like they were painted by a master artist rather than as a mechanism of natural selection. Here is a link to one of my favorite pictures:


    I think that Vayu Son also has some excellent photos of his P. cambridgei(s).

  5. LPacker79

    LPacker79 ArachnoSpaz Old Timer

    P. cambridgei is definitely one of the most underrated, and one of my favorites! I've got a 6" female who I'm completely enamored with. They've got such a subtle beauty about them, and they're absolutely stunning fresh from a molt! All that lovely mossy green......
  6. Ssspidermom

    Ssspidermom Arachnosquire Old Timer


    I have to agree - they were always on my wish list, and I only got mine this past March, though I am totally in love!! Hoping for a female, but aren't we all?!?!?!

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  7. I am in total agreement 100%. The subtle colors on this spider is beautiful. They are also very hardy and grow fast. My sling molted last week and I am amazed at how much it had grown. P cambridgei gets my vote as being one of the most under rated.
  8. xBurntBytheSunx

    xBurntBytheSunx Arachnoprince Old Timer

    are they as reclusive as suntigers?
  9. Spider-man 2

    Spider-man 2 Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Actually, A lot of people are looking for a male right now. I am sure a lot will want one if one ever becomes available.

    *hopes his P. cambridgei is male*

    Here's my little one:

    Last edited: Aug 12, 2004
  10. Mojo Jojo

    Mojo Jojo Arachnoking Old Timer

    Not in my experience. Mine is almost always visible except for when it is in pre-molt. I got rid of my irmina because I could never see it.

  11. behemoth

    behemoth Arachnopeon

    My irminia is the same. She just makes a little home at the bottom of her tank and stays there constantly never moving. Even when I give her crickets she rarely ventures out.
  12. JacenBeers

    JacenBeers Arachnoprince Old Timer

    I am so glad that I finally got a Trinidad Chevron. It has been on my wantlist for years.
  13. Aviculariinae

    Aviculariinae Arachnoangel Old Timer

    1. A Freshly Molted Cambridgei has the most Beautiful mossy green effect

    2. People dont realise how big Cambridgei gets,i have seen specimens up to 8". But overall i love their Chunky size and really thick arboreal legs.

    3. Temperment,when they are in their inclosure they give one of the best Threat postures you will ever see,but once out of the container they just calm right down!
    I,ll argree with that mate,the warped mind bit that is! LOL {D

    I,ll second that my Irminia at the moment is just freahly molted and is always out and about only when going to molt is when you never see them!

  14. Kali

    Kali Arachnoknight Old Timer

    i keep hoping to find one at a show or something. i am still too nervous to order one. it would have to go thru the office @ my complex, and i don't trust them. i have wanted one for years!
  15. Archangel

    Archangel Arachnoknight Old Timer

    I am absolutely thrilled with mine. Her name is Elvira and she is gorgeous. I'm getting an irminia this week so I've not had any experience with them yet.
  16. Archangel

    Archangel Arachnoknight Old Timer

    I was just watching Elvira go up and down some bark wood in her enclosure and seemingly "rub" her fangs or otherwise "chew" the bark. A cricket had been there before and I don't know if that was part of her hunting or what. I had then misted her tank sides and she drank from the sides. I've seen my avics drink from the tank sides all the time but never the bark thing. Have any of your P. cambridgei done this? :?
  17. Bearo

    Bearo Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Looks like my P. irminia that molted to an adult male today :mad: :8o
  18. Archangel

    Archangel Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Wow that sucks. I'm getting my female irminia on Tuesday. I have had more than my fare share of males molting.
  19. rosehaired1979

    rosehaired1979 Arachnoking Old Timer

    Most Underrated Tarantula

    We all have our opinions on what T is underrated but what do you think Ts that under rated or under apprecitated.


    Theres mine! Whats yours?
  20. Aviculariinae

    Aviculariinae Arachnoangel Old Timer


    I think Acanthoscurria geniculata are underrated. They are very beautiful species,they use to be the P Metallica of a couple of years ago,but huge eggsacks brought the price down!