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Missing/Escaped Ball Python

Discussion in 'Not So Spineless Wonders' started by blacktara, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. blacktara

    blacktara Arachnobaron

    So I get back from a few days away and the lady who cares for my critters says that she found that my ball python wasnt in its cage. Sure enough, there is a small separation of the mesh from the lid at the top of the cage that she somehow found and slithered thru

    Any suggestions?

    I did tell my cat to sleep with one eye open
  2. Mushroom Spore

    Mushroom Spore Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    Look in warm, dark places. You can put down flour or baking soda or something in doorway entrances, so that if the snake leaves a room you'll know. For heaven's sake, lock up the cat or send it to stay with relatives! :eek: It'll find your python all right, but I don't think the snake will be in the best condition afterwards.

    You can also try putting out a nice stinky dead prey item at night, with plenty of good hiding places nearby. Also water sources will be a good attractor.
  3. eazy-lee

    eazy-lee Arachnopeon

    look behind your draws and wardrobes and under your bed coz they like wedging themselfs behind things
  4. blacktara

    blacktara Arachnobaron

    Looked under everything I could think of. Found $55 I musta lost somewhere along the way :) but no snake
  5. Some folks say to put out a basking light about 2 feet from the floor, and perhaps its hide.. Or put it near a place where it could feel safe. Check in the area around 3 am in the morning and you may find him there basking..
    They tend to be nocturnal.

  6. willywonka

    willywonka Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Put a prey item in a hide box along the wall and check it frequently. Good luck.
  7. mindlessvw

    mindlessvw Arachnobaron Old Timer

    look in any clothing or bedding on the floor also...
  8. blacktara

    blacktara Arachnobaron

    :( Nuttin so far. If it somehow got into the attic, it could hide where I'd never find it or even potentially get out - there's a hole or two up there courtesy of the squirrels
  9. Darwinsdad

    Darwinsdad Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Under the fridge is the best place i can think of. A friend of mine found his soaking in the toilet once.
  10. blacktara

    blacktara Arachnobaron

    Found pieces of shed skin on the staircase, but no snake. It's obviosuly around, tho. I got a feeling it's in the attic
  11. Elapid

    Elapid Arachnosquire

    when you are looking make sure to use a bright flashlight to help illuminate the dark corners. wander around the house with a flashlight after the lights have been out for awhile at night. put paper or foil around the staircase and along the corners and keep your ears attuned for any odd noises. pythons knock stuff off shelves pretty adeptly so research all noises.


  12. Our ball used to escape aaallll the time. The main place he hid was under the couch cushions in the springs of the couch. We also found him in our capming closet once, on the inside of a rolled up sleeping bag. Don't give up, you'll find him. :)
  13. 357wheelgunner

    357wheelgunner Arachnobaron

    Is there no way to keep these things locked up?

    He could live in your house for years, the only thing you'll find are snake turds and sheds.

    I second the prey item in a hide, but how would you secure the prey item? Put a leash on a rat or something?
  14. Mushroom Spore

    Mushroom Spore Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    Dead prey items don't generally go very far. ;)
  15. blacktara

    blacktara Arachnobaron

    Hmmm - I have two cats - and an idea
  16. blacktara

    blacktara Arachnobaron

    FOUND! Was upstairs cleanin and noticed Lamont (one of my cats) staring intently at a corner of the guest bedroom. Bingo - Reaper, who appears to be in the latter stages of a messy piecemeal shed (par for the course for balls from what I have read) is now back in her (his?) repaired cage. Gonna wait a few days and then offer some food (no, not the cats)

    Thanks to all for the suggestions and support