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Microscope for sexing...

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Redneck, May 20, 2011.

  1. Redneck

    Redneck Arachnoprince

    Okay, stupid question.

    I was at Toy 'R' Us yesterday buying a new pool. I was walking around with my neice, letting her pick out a new toy. Well, I noticed a toy-ish looking microscope.

    Do yall, who use microscopes, believe it would do good on sexing a Ts molt?

    I personally dont know a thing about them, and dont know if it would work.

    It was only $30... So, do yall think it might be to cheap to do the trick?


    I didnt actually pick it up and look at it, so I dont know nothing about it. However, it was with all the toys for insects...
  2. xhexdx

    xhexdx ArachnoGod Old Timer

    I'm sure it would work, but probably not for the smaller stuff.

    Do you know what kind of zoom it has?

    My scope has a 10x zoom and works pretty well.

    Also, for $30, it might be worth trying. If it doesn't work out, give it to your neice. :)
  3. Rabid538

    Rabid538 Arachnoknight

    I was wondering about those as well if they would be any good. I think I would prefer to save and buy a more quality microscope, but I would be using it for more than just molts. The microscope I have now goes up to x30 magnification and it is sufficient for sexing molts as small as 1". If the microscope you saw has equivalent or higher magnification, it should work just fine. I think it would be a great idea as well as a great price.
  4. RoseT

    RoseT Arachnosquire

  5. esotericman

    esotericman Arachnobaron Old Timer

    10x or 10x X oculars = ?
  6. roaddog

    roaddog Arachnoknight

  7. newspidermom

    newspidermom Arachnosquire

    I've seen 30x jewelers eye loupes for real cheap. See below....

    Jeweler's Lighted Eye Loupe - 30X Power - 25mm Lens Overview - Online stores - Details

    $4 online

    Premium-quality magnification tool designed for professionals - super-useful for hobbies, arts & crafts and collectibles. LED lights for hours with included button-cell batteries; easy to change (tool included).. The classic jeweler's eye loupe - updated with LED-technology illumination; large 25mm lens. Powerful 30X magnification from optical-quality doublet glass lenses shows ultra-fine detail. Twin super-bright LED focus pure white light on subject to add extra clarity & definition. Lightweight ABS body with aluminum self-enclosing case; corrosion resistant. Essential jeweler's and watchmaker's tool; great for collectibles, photos & hobbies
    Add to Shopping List

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    WOW...I also just checked Ebay and they have alot of listings for 60x jewelers loupes for next to nothing! I think I'm going to try and grab one. Saw one that's currently .99c + 2.99 s&h!
  8. Redneck

    Redneck Arachnoprince

    Thanks for the replies yall... I might actually just go ahead and buy the one pocket scope that was listed. The one with the 45x.

    I personally do not see the point in spending a butt load of money on something that I will just use every once in a while. Heck, I only have 8 critters I want to try and confirm....

    Personally, I am very interested in confirming the P. metallica! :wicked:

    The darlingi, and versicolor slings. I got plenty of those to have a good chance at a female or two. Haha!

    Anywho, thanks again for the replies... I remember to take a gander at the zoom on the next one I see. If of course the one I get dont work.
  9. newspidermom

    newspidermom Arachnosquire

    I just grabbed one from Ebay that adjusts from 60x to 100x !! Its a liitle bigger than the pocket ones and can be hand held or it fits vertically on a stand to use with slides. It was a "buy it now" for $7.99 - free shipping!
  10. haha
    after seeing your post i bought one...

    figuered if it doesnt'w ork for molt sexing i can use it to sex young geckos or small dqarf species.. i have some loupes but it doens't have a light...
    this would make it easier as i sometimes i have shine a light on the gecko to see

  11. anyone bought the led one and recieved it?
    i havn't gotten mine yet

    if so how is it working?
  12. ah... now i feel dumb. i just started a thread on this same subject.. sorry guys:wall::wall: anyway i just found a old microscope i must have "aquired" some 10 years ago from my biology class in highschool. its a 45x90x? i was playin with my E. campestratus molt ( popped out yesterday) but it was too mangled to tell... besides that t is like .25" ... i DID however cut myself to look at my blood.. kinda cool cuz the zoom is so great that i can see individual cells floatin around{D
    Last edited: May 31, 2011
  13. Meecht

    Meecht Arachnosquire

  14. after re reading all your input i guess MINE is a bit over kill as well... cant wait till my P. regalis molts.... should be hittin the 3.5ish" mark with this up coming one. hopefully i can save this molt and get a confirmed sex
  15. i have a regular jewler's loupe that's 30x
    and my 2i p.irminia slings molted into 3i a few days ago..

    so i proceeded to soak it in soapy water

    all i can see was a book lung
    nothing else
    i know it's a bit ambitious
    but i wanted to see if i could see anything but i couldn't
    so maybe the 60x-100x isn't over kill if u are wanting to see such small molts...
    darn shoulda bought that one instead

    oh well i can still buy it and use the other one i bought on ebay on the above posts to sex geckos
  16. BrynWilliams

    BrynWilliams Arachnoprince

    eyeball this thread, you really don't need much more than 10x


    working on the basis that even a 2i's interbooklung distance would be 1-2mm, at 10x you're making them appear 10-20mm which is plenty large to see what you need to see
  17. dactylus

    dactylus Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Thanks for this link - I will be picking up one of these!

  18. Ultum4Spiderz

    Ultum4Spiderz Arachnoking Active Member

    I just would use a MAGnifying glass... but ok a microscope is kind of overkiLL!!!