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Meyken/Michael Scheller (http://meyken.spiderlinge.de/)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by JimPP, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. JimPP

    JimPP Arachnosquire


    Here is a review for us European T keepers, although he also ships large orders to the States.

    Michael Scheller (meyken) is absolutely one of the best dealers that I ever have been in contact wiht, he has nice prices (note they are in €) - and a large amount of captive breed slings/juvi! (he also have adults ;))

    He knows his stuff and is very willing in sharing his knowledge! always good communication.

    His packing/shipment is something out of the ordinary, simply perfect!

    So you europeans looking for a nice supplyer, take a look at his website. It is for the most part in english.

  2. meyken

    meyken Arachnosquire

    Thanks to Jim for his review.

    Only a short correction,i sent to the States only to my partner there.
    Shipment to Asia or other countrys with warm temperatures is no problem.

  3. Chilopoda

    Chilopoda Arachnopeon

    yes meyken is very good gay and is prices is good. fun to do with him business. and is tr's is very healthy !
  4. Vixvy

    Vixvy Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Michael, what can I say....all !positive! top specimens and he never fails! I will always do business with this kind of people. If he fails look for me. I will vouch for this guy.
  5. karolis007

    karolis007 Arachnopeon

    what can I say about Michael? He's a great dealer!!!! I deal with him for some years and always get best condition spiders and packing is great.
    I recomend him for all. He is realy nice dealer.
  6. Amazing post in front of my door

    Michael Scheller (meyken) is really amazing.
    I'm very lucky and hope you will know him one day ....... He is not only threads me like a buyer but more than that he is very best best friend that I found here.
    He is good comunicated, reply every singgle email that I sent, teached me when I was lost, not lies, very good managing in your order, very carefull and good packing man {D{D{D{D
    I'm really appreciated for what his doing for me and looking forward to have long relathionship with him in the future, hope u don't mind:D:D:D

    Keep in touch and thanks Mike
  7. Lorum

    Lorum Arachnosquire


    Excellent dealer, great T's (also very well packed) and good communication. I do highly recommend him.
  8. dizzychef

    dizzychef Arachnopeon

    Excellent packing

    Trustworthy and generous in providing good service. Packing was top notch. Package was sent to Asia my home.

    Worth spending time writing a positive review for this guy. Thanks.