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    So ever since joining this board and keeping tarantulas I've been interested in other things such as mantises and millipedes. Especially mantises (is it mantises or mantids?) anyways I really am thinking hard about getting a mantis or two. What I would like to know is where can I get information on mantises that I can get in the USA? I saw bugs in cyberspace has some but what other mantises are out there and what would I need to know about keeping them?
  2. poisoned

    poisoned Arachnodemon

    I'm not very experienced on a subject, but had a pair last year and can share my experience.

    I had a religiosa, got them in september (stupid, because they are seasonal), I had a 12x12x12 terratium with Rubus fruticosus plant inside. I kinda experimented (they are cannibalistic) and put both a male and female together in terrarium. They mated a few hours after I got them and mated many times afterwards. Female was never aggresive to him, however, she never produced a ooteca. I had a screen cover for them and sprayed water about two times a week on side of terrarium. I probably did something wrong, since they both died of similar death and I think too early. First male stopped eating, started climbing up and falling down then lost it's powers and died. Female died of similar death. I couldn't find many resources at the time, so I was just guessing how to care for them (they live near me, so I tried to copy nature).
  3. catfishrod69

    catfishrod69 Arachnoemperor

    I love mantids. But i tried to keep some native ones. I found two oothecae, and hatched them out. Had around a 100 babies. They were eating like crazy, drinking great, but dieing as fast as their food was. The very last survivor made it to L3, but died the next day. I suggest getting a ooth out of a field somewhere, and trying with native ones first. That way you dont have to spend much money getting used to how to keep them. Plural is mantids.
  4. Thanks! I haven't seen any around yet but I'm sure they'll come. I know I've read they don't have very long lifespans but I think they are gorgeous creatures and I would love to see them eat! =)
  5. Shrike

    Shrike Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Mantids make fascinating pets. Many species (including our native ones) need fairly high humidity in order to molt successfully. Lack of humidity leads to many molt related deaths.


    The website above sells many native and non-native species, as well as husbandry equipment. Check out the species list. I guarantee you'll want them all ;)
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  6. RS4guy

    RS4guy Arachnosquire

    Sounds like they died of old age, as adults they usually only live a few months. Conditions sounded fine besides keeping the pair together.
  7. poisoned

    poisoned Arachnodemon

    They looked pretty happy together, they mated once every few days :)