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Male T's

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Malhavoc's, Sep 20, 2003.

  1. Malhavoc's

    Malhavoc's Arachnoking Old Timer

    How many People ever heard of a male eatng its mate instead of the reknown vice versa? Mizm male G rosea Decided to take a snip at myt scarlett today when she got to close while I was refilling their water bowls Im not sure if the fangs got her or not I dont see any injoury but I thought males were..well to be strate out..cowards.. and terri I swear it must be me any t around me goes crazy lanky isnt the Twat you thought he was no more! lol

    Update on my breeding attempt anyhow
    Male recieved sep 18th[think]
    Hooked up imeaditly upon intraducing lanky into scarletts cage
    Now lanky wants nothing to do with scarlett
  2. Mojo Jojo

    Mojo Jojo Arachnoking Old Timer

    "HEY MAN! WHACYA DOIN? TRYING TO GET ME KILLED OR SOM'N? Listen man, I'm good. Naw naw naw, I'm damn good and I always leave my womens satisfied. As far as Scarlet is concerned, oooooooeeeee, I wouldn't be surprised if she's walkin' bowlegged for a week. So don't put me back in there. I'm warnin' ya. If you do, I gonna take her out and then I'm comin' after you. You feel me? SUCKA!

    Yo, I'm out!

  3. Malhavoc's

    Malhavoc's Arachnoking Old Timer

    Rofl. Well they've been in the same tank together just with a peice of cardboard deviding them heres a question in the male doesnt like the substrate will he refuse to make a sperm web?
  4. Mojo Jojo

    Mojo Jojo Arachnoking Old Timer

    What size of tank do you have them in?

    When I was breeding A. genics, I would often leave the male in with the female for long periods of time together - days -- before taking him out. I kept them in a ten gallon tank, with a large log hide and 2 water dishes at either end of the tank. He made a couple of sperm webs while he was with her, but would immediately make one once I removed him from her.

    Maybe he is stressed out being that close to her. I'd consider placing him in his own tank for a few days or so. Put something in there for him to attach his webbing to -- just to make it easier.

    You might try feeding them. If that doesn't work, a nice Merlot and some Barry White might do the trick.

    Good Luck,

  5. Malhavoc's

    Malhavoc's Arachnoking Old Timer

    its eiher a fifteen or a 20 gallon possibnle even 25... One half a log hide two water dishes one peice of narly would and crushed coconut shell [think thats what it is] for substrate as for tank of his own.. Im trying to figue out where to put him with enough space to make a sperm web hes divided from her anyway I split i in half but now Im just puzzled he only did one go at it and is now agresive to her.. I hope its not a post ultimimate molt coming on... Food isnt an issue 5 or 6 crickes with enough space to run from side to side and do so along with their cherpy good ness going on in there..
  6. Malhavoc's

    Malhavoc's Arachnoking Old Timer

    Any one else have a male that was aggresive to the female, and how did yo uget past it to breed them?
  7. I'm sure that I read about a male eating a female but I can't remember where I saw it. Maybe John Hoke's breeding log?

    Karen N.