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Lump in near Tail on H. platirhinos (Eastern Hog Nose) Help?

Discussion in 'Not So Spineless Wonders' started by flamesbane, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. flamesbane

    flamesbane Arachnobaron

    Picked up an H. platirhinos the other night, 21.5cm 8g, from a guy at an LPS. Got him home and noticed a lump in his tail (assumed male, unsexed ATM)


    He tends to favor his tail, it almost looks like it is broken? He doesn't really move it. Any clue what is going on here? Also it appears to be ABOVE (toward the head) the vent.

    (I forgot the slash in title....sorry)
  2. cbeard

    cbeard Arachnosquire

    If it is broken, you will need to bring him back or get an xray done to see how bad or old it is. You might be able to tell if he "drags" his tail.

    He could have gotten it slammed in a door or something... stepped on ect.

    If it is broken, I dont know what they can do. Does he eat or seem overly stressed out?

    Otherwise they can get hard deposits, which I have had snakes with but typically thats just adults and happens slowly over time.
  3. flamesbane

    flamesbane Arachnobaron

    Again, I just got him last night. I didn't see the lump til around 10 PM and I am at work at this point. He doesn't seem very stressed, but I haven't really had him enough to tell. It can't be too old, as he is quiet small. He does "drag" his tail.

    In all honesty I am leaning toward a wait and see. If he feeds I am not going to be too worried about it. I hate to be like that...but the thought of $100 vet visit for a $20 snake doesn't appeal to me...:(
  4. cbeard

    cbeard Arachnosquire

    Can you post a picture from the top down when you get a chance? It might not help a lot but it will give me a better idea. I have seen Corn snakes with this as well, and I still am not 100% on what it is.
  5. flamesbane

    flamesbane Arachnobaron


    That isn't really what you are asking for, I will get a better pic when I get home (that was from last night)
  6. cbeard

    cbeard Arachnosquire

    Thats okay, it works.

    That does not look as much like a brake as it does a deposit.

    A brake would be more of a sharp jump to one side... the best I can explain it.

    When you touch the bump is it hard, and does the snake react to the touch negatively? (like its trying hard to get away, or strikes?) Hognose snakes rarely attempt biting, and if it hurts, the snake will feel as if your a threat, and possibly try to bite you. Dont get bit, they are rear fanged, and can cause swelling and pain, trust me lol.

    If it seems painless to the snake, I would call it a simple deposit and leave it at that. If it does seem like its painful, I would seriously recommend some sort of vet attention. If you dont do it, someone here may.. it's better for the snake.
  7. flamesbane

    flamesbane Arachnobaron

    I will see how he reacts when I get home. It doesn't seem to be bothering him, or I would have noticed it right away and not when i was taking pics. This isn't my first hognose, just my first eastern.

    I wasn't saying I wouldn't seek vet attention, but as long as he feeds and doesn't seem impaired or in pain I am not going to as we only have ONE vet anywhere near by that will even look at reptiles...and I don't trust him at all.

    *Edit* I shot an email out to the guy I bought him from, if he knew about this and sold him anyway I am going to be pretty upset.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2009
  8. cbeard

    cbeard Arachnosquire

    Yes, and sometimes even the good reptile vets have no clue what they are doing.

    Good luck and let me know what you think when you get home. Ive never owned one before, but Ive sold quite a few. They are sweet.

    I guess they live near me as well, which is wierd, I didnt think they did.

    Anyways, good luck with him!
  9. Last edited: Oct 21, 2009
  10. flamesbane

    flamesbane Arachnobaron

    Thanks for the link! That actually looks quiet similar (if a bit more pronounced) I think that is the likely explanation for his "lump". I guess it will come down to whether or not he feeds, and I should know soon.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2009
  11. dtknow

    dtknow Arachnoking Old Timer

    Just curious I know you haven't had him long but what/how do you plan on feeding it? I understand they cannot be fed solely rodents?
  12. flamesbane

    flamesbane Arachnobaron

    Toads/salamanders. EHNS are native to my area here, and I keep/bred several native species of toad.
  13. They sure can be fed completely on rodents, I am familiar with a few hog nose breeders [As well as a small town zoo keeper.] that feed their animals exclusively on mice.

  14. Jmugleston

    Jmugleston Arachnoprince

    Just a thought. The OP mentioned the lump was anterior to the vent. As important as eating should be proper bowel movements. I'd be more concerned about issued with excreting wastes than the lump affecting the appetite. I am not sure if anyone mentioned this yet as I just skimmed the replies.
  15. flamesbane

    flamesbane Arachnobaron

    An exclusive rodent diet is known to cause fatty liver disease in eastern hog nose snakes, westerns do fine on an all rodent diet. Even if you feed an eastern hog nose mice they need to be supplemented with toads in order to prevent a shortened life span.

    According to the guy I got him from he has been eating/defecating...but we will see
  16. Beardo

    Beardo Arachnoprince Old Timer

    I'll bet you don't know of anybody with adult Eastern Hognoses that are of decent age that feed exclusively on rodents......because it kills them. :rolleyes:
  17. I've never observed a valid report of a 100% rodent diet killing a hog nose, eastern, western, or exotic. I don't want to deviate from this thread's original topic, so this is as deep as I will get into the issue.

  18. cbeard

    cbeard Arachnosquire

    *some reptiles digestive system cannot break down the rodents hair, especially in large quantities. I have never heard of a strict rodent diet killing a hognose, but I have heard of it killing other reptiles that are on a strict rodent diet, but would not be in the wild, such as monitors and tegus*
  19. Monitors and Tegus are a completely different topic. I still can't possibly see as to why a Western Hog can be fed a complete rodent diet but an Eastern can't. But whatever, I'm not going to hijack this thread any further than I already have.

  20. flamesbane

    flamesbane Arachnobaron

    Actually it is fine and quite interesting. I have read reports that a 100% rodent diet will cause liver disease in eastern hog noses, as they feed pretty much exclusively on toads in the wild. I will try to find a source to back that up.