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LPS choices - do I want one?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by AllieCat, Oct 11, 2009.

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    Morning all!!
    Another boring day at work ahead! :) I was at the LPS the other day and they had 2 T's. They were labeled "cobalt red rump" and "cinnamon teddy bear". Both were about 4" and I couldn't see any hooks or bulbous pedipalps to determine the possibilty of males so I'm not sure the sex. I really can't find much info on either of these T's. Anyone know about them??? I can't decide if I want one of them or not....I'm trying not to go overboard with buying too many T's and there's a show coming up in about 2 weeks so I know I'll get something there..... The "cinnamon teddy bear" was a nice looking T...

    Let me know if anyone has one of these or if anyone knows anything about them!!!! Thanks!!!!!
  2. WelshTan

    WelshTan Arachnoprince

    TBH I have never heard of them ... did they have scientific names?
  3. Sounds like they just made those names up.

    If I were to guess, cinnamon teddy bear would be a red color form Grammostola rosea. Cobalt red rump could mean anything. Did it look like Brachypelma vagans? Probably not or you would have come away impressed with it and not the teddy bear. At least a basic description would help us identify. There aren't all that many species that pet stores carry, so we can make pretty good guesses if we have something more than made up names.
  4. i wouldn't get one form a pet store anyway. but.
    not a clue what the cobalt red rump is but the cinnamon teddy bear is probably Crassicrus lamanai. I am not a fan. BUT some people are. they tend to just lay there in your hand if you turn them upside down, That's why a lot of people like them. However my A. anax does that too lol
  5. Actually I did a quick search and found the following species associated with those common names, although it's a little strange to find uncommon species at pet stores.

    Cobalt red rump:
    Thrixopelma Cyaneum
    Cyclosternum sp.

    Cinnamon Teddy Bear:
    Crassicrus lamanai

    Google them. Familiar looking?
  6. Roski

    Roski Arachnobaron


    Did the LPS owner's 4 year old name that one?

    I'm sorry, if I saw cinnamon teddy bear on a tank label in my LPS I would probably have been kicked out for uncontrollable snickering. Can you get a photo of these? They really could mean anything, I mean the teddy bear thing really can have nothing to do with temperment and handleability, and unless you want to consider every T with "cinnamon" colouration (cinnamon, for the record, is subjective and not a real colour.), get the pics.
  7. sharpfang

    sharpfang Arachnoangel


    They are the gummy bears!!!..........I like the green ones....Chewy!:D J
  8. Roski

    Roski Arachnobaron

  9. that name came from a pretty big dealer. like you , i think its silly. and misleading

  10. I totally thought they were made up names too!!! I was like, "cinnamon teddy bear"??? You have got to be kidding me!!! COBALT RED rump??? But google them like gvfarns said!!

    After googling them, the one labeled 'cinnamon teddy bear' definitely looks like the C. lamanai - I'll have to check and see if it has a thickened tibia on leg IV....It was a nice looking T - plain, but nice.

    The 'cobalt red rump' looked more like a rosie to me - it didn't look like the pics at giantspiders.com of the T. cyaneum.....if it did, I probably would have bought it. :?

    I'll go back over to the LPS on my lunch break at 1 today and look at them again....I work 45 min from my home so don't have my camera but do have my iPhone - I'll see if I can get some decent pics and upload them tomorrow (I'm working a 16 hour shift today) and can't upload them here at work.

    Does anyone have any opinions on the Thrixopelma species?? If I get a better look at it and it does look like T. cyaneum...I may have to get it..depending on input I will hopefully get here!

    Oh, depending on the price! LOL!!!
  11. Well, just got back from the LPS and the "cinnamon teddy bear" was gone. :( They only had the "cobalt red rump" left and it was a different T then was there last week. Today it was a B. vagans, I'm sure, but still listed as 'cobalt red rump'. Last week it looked like a rosie. Definitely red rump, but not and ounce of cobalt just jet black. I got a pic of the T and the label on the tank but will have to post tomorrow if anyone cares to see it - they wanted $38.88 for it. I think I'll pass! :razz:

    Well, I guess it was neat to sort of learn about 2 different species, sort of!!!
  12. That's a pretty fair price for a B. vagans (assuming it's around adult legspan) in my book.
  13. WelshTan

    WelshTan Arachnoprince

    Well I have only one thing to say ....

    Tarantula stockists... pet shops... reptists should ALL display tarantulas under SCIENTIFIC NAMES primarily ... and then ... if they want to give the "common name" as long as it is correct for the species ... It would save a lot of confusion ... and the stores selling the T's should make it a matter of rule to get the scientific names and list them on each tarantula on display
  14. Keep in mind that calling it by a scientific name doesn't mean they have any idea what the spider is. Apparently this store was perfectly content to use the same made-up common name for two completely different spiders. Why wouldn't they do the same with scientific names?

    Yes, I agree that accurate scientific names are preferable - but if they can't get the common names to something reasonable, it's not likely they'll do any better with scientific names.
  15. WelshTan

    WelshTan Arachnoprince

    That's a good point but they should make it their duty to correctly label a species they are selling... especially when it come to tarantulas and such ... they wouldnt make the mistake of selling a gerbil on as a rat or a hamster labelled as a guineapig
  16. I agree completely with you, but we could probably start a long, long thread on what they should do. However, we know too well that they don't. At least not reliably. Some LPS are good about accurate labels and good care information (I know of one that I deal with that's like that), but there are many out there that are only interested in selling merchandise. And if giving an animal a creative name will get it sold - they'll give it a creative name. And yes, I can think of an LPS or two that would be perfectly happy to sell a gerbil as a rat.

    Two things the tarantula hobbyist community can do to improve the situation is to offer advice/pressure to the LPS when we see messed up caging or labels, and we can advise new people in the hobby to look out for LPS misinformation.