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Little Amazon fish & pets- Seattle,WA

Discussion in 'Petstore Reviews' started by takelondon, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. takelondon

    takelondon Arachnosquire


    We checked out Little Amazon last spring and we're definitely not going back. When we went they only had very limited selection of Ts and scorpions, at least one of which I remember being mislabeled. All the stock we saw was overpriced. The guy tried to convince me a juvenile Aphonopelma moderatum usually sells for $120 and that his low low price of $80 was a great deal. :/

    We were also wondering what was in a small unlabeled deli container that had some moss in it; he claimed there was a T or scorp in there (I forget which), and after about a minute of poking through the moss and finding nothing, he acted awkward and made some excuse and put the deli container back on the shelf. Clearly he had no idea what was supposed to be in there. Who knows, there could have been a dead T or scorp somewhere in that mess.

    Lastly, the store itself is very dirty, as are most of the things in it. With other good stores within a reasonable distance (Seattle Reptile in Everett, Bridges Pets in Snohomish, A Place For Pets in Burien) in the Seattle area I see no reason to return to Little Amazon.