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Let's compare wishlists!

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Radium, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. Sam_Peanuts

    Sam_Peanuts Arachnobaron

    Under these conditions, mine would be the same as BobBarley, every single one of them.

    Not having unpuncturable skin and enough free time being the 2 biggest problem to achieve that.
  2. Coconana

    Coconana Arachnosquire

    My official wishlist is pretty much exactly as follows... Though I'll take anything I can get my hands on.

    Love these little guys :)


    Augacephalus Junodi
    Avicularia Minatrix
    Avicularia Purpurea
    Avicularia Versicolor
    Brachypelma Auratum
    Brachypelma Emilia
    Ceratgyrus Marshalli
    Ceratgyrus Sanderi
    Cyriopagopus Sp. "Sumatran Tiger"
    Encyocratella Olivacea
    Ephebopus Murinus
    Euathlus Sp. "Red"
    Euathlus Sp. "Yellow"
    Grammostola Pulchra
    Hapalopus Sp. "Colombia Large"
    Haplopelma Lividum (Cyriopagopus Lividum)
    Haplopelma Schmidti (Cyriopagopus Schmidti)
    Harpactira Pulchripes
    Heterothele Villosella
    Idiothele Mira
    Monocentropus Balfouri
    Ornithoctonus Aureotibialis
    Paraphysa Scrofa
    Poecilotheria Formosa
    Poecilotheria Metallica
    Poecilotheria Miranda
    Poecilotheria Rufilata
    Psalmopoeus Cambridgei
    Psalmopoeus Pulcher
    Pterinochilus Chordatus
    Pterinochilus Lugardi
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  3. The only species I want right now is....... chilobrachys sp. electric blue (if you don't know this species, look them up immediately). Lucky for me, I'm waiting for Some Awesome dude to send me some. They will be the first in the states! I can't wait!!!
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2015
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  4. B smithi
    E murinus
    L violaceopes

    Haven't bought a T since February -- so may be a while before I add more. Quite pleased with what I already have overall. But these may be added in the coming year....
  5. lalberts9310

    lalberts9310 Arachnoprince

    C. fimbriatus
    C. sp. blue
    ‎C. dyscolus
    C. huahini

    P. reduncus
    P. pulcher
    P. langenbucheri
    P. emeraldus
    P. ecclesiasticus

    C. schioedtei
    C. thorelli
    C. sp. Sulawesi black
    C. sp. Sumatran tiger

    L. violaceopes
    L. nigurrimum
    L. sp. Borneo black

    H. lividium
    H. minax
    H. schmidti
    H. longipes
    H. hainanum
    H. sp. Bach-Ma
    H. albostriatum
    H. robustum

    N. incei

    P. metallica
    P. ornata
    P. regalis
    P. subfusca - both HL and LL
    P. hanumavilasumica
    P. formosa
    P. smithi
    P. miranda
    P. tigrinawesseli

    C. cyaneopubesence

    P. everetti

    O. aureotibialis

    T. violaceus
    T. subcaeruleus
    T. cupreus
    T. plumipes
    T. latipes
    T. elenae
    T. gigas

    H. maculata

    S. calcaetum

    E. murinus
    E. cyanognathus

    P. muticus

    P. goliath

    A. avicularia
    A. versicolor
    A. diversipes
    A. purpuria
    A. laeta
    A. sp. Terapoto
    A. minatrix

    E. olivacea

    H. gigas

    S. arndsti
    S. dichromata

    H. inflatus

    B. albopilosum
    B. klaasi
    B. smithi

    P. ultramurinus
    P. machala
    P. platyomma
    P. nigricolor
    P. antinous
    P. insignis
    P. fortis

    E. pachypus

    A. geniculata

    M. remotus

    H. nilgirinus
    H. kayi

    L. giannisposatoi

    T. psychedelicus
    T. insignis
    T. truculentus

    Ischnocolus sp

    G. pulchra
    G. pulchripes

    A. sp. Panama

    S. raja

    O. diamantinensis

    P. rufonigrum
    P. bromelicola

    P. brachyramosa

    M. mesomelas

    And these I would like to own, but require a permit.

    A. junodi
    A. ezendami
    A. breyeri

    P. murinus
    P. lugardi
    P. chordatus

    C. darlingi
    C. marshalli
    C. sanderi

    I. mira

    H. pulchripes
    H. marksi

    I know with some of these species on my wishlist I can probably only just dream owning, as some of them is rarely if ever available in the hobby *sigh*
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2015
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  6. Beary Strange

    Beary Strange Arachnodemon

    Realistically there aren't many that I don't want but once I get a job again (hopefully...someday...) my top priorities are:

    P.nigricolor or antinous (I realize they aren't the same, I just mean I'm fine with either)
    G.pulchra (I sold my female and I've never really stopped regretting that.)

    None of those are particularly reaching or expensive, but they're what I want most right now.

    Down the road, I'm hoping to get a hold of S.raja, T.psychedelicus, H.pulchripes and H.maculata.
  7. JLPicard

    JLPicard Arachnosquire

    Being new to the hobby, my list is not quite as extensive, haha.

    A. Geniculata

    A. Seemani

    B. Emilia
    B. Auratum

    C. Fasciatum

    G. Pulchra
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  8. mistertim

    mistertim Arachnobaron

    Really want a H. pulchripes eventually! Amazing looking Ts (even if a touch expensive). Though I know I'm not ready for a baboon yet; still a beginner so my wishlist is pretty simple at the moment.

    Getting an A. versi next week. After that planning on a GBB, then after a while moving up to something faster and more defensive; would love a P. irminia. Once I have some time with species like that and getting used to faster and more defensive Ts, probably an OBT (they're so hilariously defensive that it's cute...also very beautiful) and then eventually a Pokie when I'm ready. Probably a P. metallica and/or a P. ornata.
  9. JohnWhite

    JohnWhite Arachnopeon

    Any Poecilotheria sp
    And baboon sp
    Singapore blue for got the Latin name

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  10. J0ttem

    J0ttem Arachnopeon

    A. geniculata
    A. versicolor
    B. albiceps
    E. sp. red
    G. actaeon
    G. iheringi
    G. pulchra
    P. irminia

    And P. metallica at one point, but I'm far from ready for Pokies at the moment.
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  11. Hey -- dream big! :)
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  12. MrsHaas

    MrsHaas Arachnoangel

    Top 2 that come to mind are c Elegans and c hogi... The first will eventually happen but I'm sure the second is just a dream...
  13. scott308

    scott308 Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Let's see, in no particular order...

    Holothele incei (gold)
    Bumba cabocla
    Chilbrachys sp. Black Satan
    Chilobrachys sp. Electric Blue (after it being mentioned earlier- wow!)
    Brachypelma emilia
    Brachypelma vagans
    Brachypelma albopilosum
    Brachypelma smithi
    Ceratogyrus marshalli
    Ceratogyrus dolichocephalus
    Ceratogyrus brachycephalus
    Ceratogyrus sanderi
    Cyclosternum fasciatum
    Cyclosternum sp. machala
    Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens
    Oligoxystre diamantinensis
    Pamphobeteus platyomma
    Pamphobeteus nigricolor
    Pamphobeteus mascara
    Vitalius paranaensis
    Vitalius vellutinus
    Grammostola pulchra
    Kochiana brunnipes
    Cyriocosmus elegans
    Pterinopelma sazimai
    Ephebopus cyanognathus
    Ephebopus rufescens
    Ephebopus foliatus
    Encyocratella olivacea
    Thrixopelma ockerti
    Sphaerobothria hoffmani
    Psalmopoeus pulcher
    Psalmopoeus reduncus
    Idiothele mira

    Any of the Euthlaus sp., any of the Xenesthis...

    Most of these are spiders that are legitimate wants, whereas others are ones that, yes, if I had unlimited room and money, time, can't be injured... in those situations I would get them. Some of them are spiders that I have at least one of in a genus and am interested in getting others, but didn't even know they existed until just now, such as E. rufescens and E. foliatus, C. brachycephalus and C. dolichocephalus. I have no idea if these are even available in the US, let alone at a price I am willing to commit to. But I am really interested in that dolichocephalus now- that is a sharp looking spider! And I'm sure there are others that I would be very happy to get but I just don't know about them, or didn't think of them right now. I know I left off some obvious ones, such as Pokies, OBT, H. mac and S. cal. At the moment, not really that interested (of course, if you asked my wife more of the Pokies would definitely show up on the list) although if you asked me next week, that could change. Heck, there are a number of spiders on this list that could get swapped out if I tried to put this together on another day, but this is the list right now. Although, I notice I left Phormictopus off, and Aphonopelma and...
  14. PanzoN88

    PanzoN88 Arachnolord Active Member

    G. Grossa
    A. Geroldi
    B. Klassi
    A. Behlei
    A. Hentzi
    P. Cancerides
    P. Pulcher
    Euathlus sp.
    B. Schroederi
    A. Moderatum

    And for later on in the future:

    P. Lugardi
    T. Apophysis
    P. Chordatus

    The A. Moderatum is at the top of my list along with the B. Klassi. I would like to find the G. Grossa as well as other rare grammostolas, but knowing my luck, that will never happen.
  15. Bugmom

    Bugmom Arachnolord

    I like these discussions as I get a glimpse into what other people prioritize. I tend to forget that other keepers might not want the rarest of the rare and nothing else lol, and probably aren't as jaded as I am after years in the hobby and having owned so much of what I wanted in the beginning. It's refreshing.

    The "these WILL be my next purchases" list (as in, today or tomorrow, one of these is getting bought):

    Harpactira pulchripes
    Theraphosinae sp. "Panama"
    Sahydroaraneus raja
    Thrigmopoeus psychedelicus
    (BTW, if you have any of these for sale, message me. Now. Like right now. Why are you still reading this????)

    Everybody else... should have most of this by the end of 2017 between planned purchases/trades/joint business ventures/tax return/sacrificing my first born:

    Avicularia sp. "Columbia"
    Brachypelma emilia
    Brachypelma klaasi
    Cyclosternum sp. "machala"
    Cyriocosmus ritae
    Cyriopagopus sp. "hati hati"
    Ephebopus cyanognathus
    Ephebopus murinus
    Eucratoscelus pachypus
    Grammastola pulchripes
    Haplocosmia himalayana
    Haplopelma albostriatum
    Heterothele gabonensis
    Linothele megatheloides
    Monocentropus balfouri (again)
    Nhandu chromatus
    Oligoxystre diamantinensis
    Ornithoctonus aureotibialis
    Pachistopelma rufonigrum
    Pamphobeteus ultramarinus
    Psalmopoeus pulcher
    Psalmopoeus redunctus
    Selenocosmia arndsti
    Trixopelma ockerti
    Vitalius paranaensis
    Vitalius vellutinus
    Xenesthis - any species
  16. Radium

    Radium Outlaw Valkyrie

    My A. geroldi sling is my unapologetic favorite. I love that little guy.
  17. Whirligig

    Whirligig Arachnopeon

    The giant, gaping hole in my modest collection right now is an L. parahybana. One of those ones everyone should own but I keep putting off. Also need to give an S. cal another try. My first I had for a long time, matured and died (he was a favorite) and I had a smaller one that passed in a bad molt (got very caught up in the abdomen). Also on my list are:

    B. emilia
    G. pulchra
    H. hainanum
    H. maculata
  18. Chris11

    Chris11 ArachnoBat Arachnosupporter

    I looked them up and i came up with some spiders, lobsters, and fish... so idk if i want a splobfish...
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  19. Soli

    Soli Arachnopeon

    Only NWs for me
    Euathlus vulpinus (if that is still it's name)
    Cyriocosmus ritae
    Grammostola pulchra
    Aphonopelma moderatum
    Brachypelma Klaasi
    Brachypelma emilia
    Brachypelma boehmei
    Brachypelma smithi
    and...Phiddipidus regius
  20. Quixtar

    Quixtar Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Aphonopelma mooreae
    Iridopelma seladonium