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L5 p.met

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Spiderman24, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. Spiderman24

    Spiderman24 Arachnoknight

    Well I just got a new L5gooty in the mail today and I normally dont attempt to feed them till the day after I recieve them so they can relax the day and night away. Well when.i went to feed this little girl she snatched the cricket drug it up her hide and dropped it. Now she is only 2-2.5" and she.took out a medium size ceicket now problem. but back on topic. She has done tbis at least 5 times now with the same cricket. My question is is she just weak from the shipment is the cricket to big and heavy for her? I have never had a p.met this small. Has anyone ever seen any of there spiders display this weird behavior or is it I just have a goofey gooty? maybe shes not in good shape after the shipping? Any advise will be gladly excepted I am not new to the hobby or pokies or p.mets but I am new to this situation. Ha
  2. happysmile88

    happysmile88 Arachnoknight

    Check the P.metallica's fangs they might be unusable to her because they might be broken or something. Had the same experience with my P.irminia from a bad molt. She couldn't kill a feeder with her blunt fangs and kept dropping them. You should probably contact your dealer and ask if that the specimen that was sent to you has problems.
  3. Spiderman24

    Spiderman24 Arachnoknight

    Its not that. The cricket is dead and I watched a couple fang insertions.

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    Shes finally stopped dragging it up towards that top and is sitting withbit right now fangs deep.
  4. happysmile88

    happysmile88 Arachnoknight

    She's a keeper then :3
  5. advan

    advan oOOo Staff Member

    I'm not understanding your question. Please elaborate. - Chad
  6. Spiderman24

    Spiderman24 Arachnoknight

    Uhhh..... Why is my p.metallica doing this?
  7. advan

    advan oOOo Staff Member

    Is she weak from shipping? Probably not, stressed would be a better term.

    Is she a weird "gooty"? Define weird. I don't know her habits and neither do you yet. If she does this every time she is fed for the rest of her life then it is not considered weird for her. It maybe different than the other spiders you keep but it gives her "personality."

    Did she actually eat it since last night? I have seen a few young Poecilotheria go after prey and run away from it or actually kill it and not eat it when they were in premolt. She could also not be hungry.

    Uhhh........I'm sorry if your writing style, bad grammar and punctuation confused me.
  8. Spiderman24

    Spiderman24 Arachnoknight

    On to.the real matter yes she did finally eat it. As for her having personality and me making the joke of calling her a goofey gooty. Well thats exactly the point her "personality" is what makes her "weird" to me. If I ate standing on the ceiling wod that not be out of the ordinary to you.... So odd and weird would be ok words for that circumstance. Now as for my grammar and punctuation im writing this and wrote that with swype text on my.phone but I choose not to do the whole swype part of.it so sometimes things dont come out the way they were ingended. Has nothing to do with my writing style grammar or punctuation more the input method my phone chooses to.use.
  9. jfuente31

    jfuente31 Arachnosquire

    From my exp with my female gooty (about 4") is that they are pretty shy creatures. Whenever I fed mine, she would also snatch the cricket and eat it no problem but from the moment she feels that I am checking her out while she feeds, she immediately drops the cricket and move out of sight, eventually she comes back to finish the her meal when I am not looking anymore.

    Maybe try observing her from a distance and see how that works out :)
  10. Spiderman24

    Spiderman24 Arachnoknight

    The random periods are also because the period is right next to the space button on my phone so if my finger slides even a little bit my space is considered a period.

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    Oh and me calling her weak would be do to the fact that she moulted the night before she was shipped to me so I was leaning more towards soft. Weak. You know?

    ---------- Post added 10-12-2011 at 01:53 PM ----------

    Thats what I chopped it down too last night. She must have came back rjght after I walked out of the room becahse when I came back she was ontop of it.
  11. Crysta

    Crysta Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Um, we don't know because you never stated she molted the night before shipment in your first post.... so thats why it is confusing for us.
    I would have waited to ship her if she molted the night before... although slings do harden up pretty quick but still..that's an expensive tarantula. At least she got there safe.
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  12. Spiderman24

    Spiderman24 Arachnoknight

    I figured she had already hardened up.considering she ate it. And it had nothing to.do with whether you knew she molted at the time.or.not.i asked if she was weak and got corrected on the term of stressed. When it didnt really matter if I used the correct term he obviously got my.point since he corrected it. But for the actual reason i.posted this jfuente31 was probably right she was probably just shy I was there watching. Thank you all for your insight. Shes actually eating again so notning to.worry about. Ill post pictures in an hour or two.if you would lile to see.

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    I apologize if.i sound rude or am being a smart ass. Its hard to express my tone through messages and it wasnt ever my intention to sound rude or anything.but to save an arguement the issue at hand was solved and thanks for your guys input.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2011
  13. catfishrod69

    catfishrod69 Arachnoemperor

    my 6" female P. metallica isnt a big eater like the rest of my pokies...they will almost rip the tongs outta my hand...maybe metallicas are just wierd...the roseas of pokie world..
  14. I'm glad she's eating for you now. No way I would have shipped a t the day after it molted.
  15. advan

    advan oOOo Staff Member

    For newcomers reading this thread. Do not feed your tarantula one day after a molt.

    I am curious who is selling P. metallica and shipping one day after a molt? Was LAG offered? I just don't see the seller risking it.

    PM me if you don't mind me asking Spiderman.
  16. Spiderman24

    Spiderman24 Arachnoknight

    Pm sent and agreed on do not feed one day after molt but after the 24 hour mark I always offer my slings and juvies throhgh tongs. And you have to remember this is beyond the 48hour mark she molted the day beforehe shipped her to me plus the 24 hours of her being shipped so.no.i did not feed her a day after the molt I fed her well over 48 hours after and she ate so she was obviously hungry.