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L. Parahybana Premolt

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by kylecchh, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. kylecchh

    kylecchh Arachnoknight

    My 5" L. Parahybana has been refusing food since 11/12/08, acts extremely lethargic and yesterday decided to expand her burrow and seal herself in it. But still shows no abdomen darkening. I keep her temps at 78F and the humidity at around 60-70%. Is this premolt? If it is, how long will it possibly take for her to begin to molt? I really miss feeding her!
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  2. yup, that's premolt. The dark abdomen come days before a molt
  3. kylecchh

    kylecchh Arachnoknight

    Great :)
    Any idea on how long will is be until she molts? Been about 2 1/2 months already.
  4. kylecchh

    kylecchh Arachnoknight

  5. DreadLobster

    DreadLobster Arachnobaron

    How big is she? If she's big then 2 months is not a long time at all, at least not long enough that you should worry.

    Also, does she have a bald spot on her but? Cause if she doesn't have one, and still has all her hair, its kinda hard to tell with LP's if they're getting any darker, seeing as they're already almost black.

    With LP's the refusal of food and hiding is definitely THE sign of pre-molt. And like the other person said, if you can even see it at all, the darkening won't happen till its almost time.
  6. Arachtis

    Arachtis Arachnosquire

    With a T that size there is really no way to tell, if could be two weeks, or it could be two months.
  7. Goomba

    Goomba Arachnobaron

    My 5-6" inch LP last molted in July of '08. Her butt's been almost entirely bald for the last 3 months or so, and no darkening. She still eats a few crickets at a time, and her abdomen is MASSIVE. I can't wait!
  8. kylecchh

    kylecchh Arachnoknight

    Yeah, her abdomen is bald, you can slightly see her in the pic, I just hope she molts soon!
  9. kylecchh

    kylecchh Arachnoknight

    So maybe a few more weeks, possibly?
  10. Arachtis

    Arachtis Arachnosquire

    Could be, yes, and of course she will probably try to do it while you are sleeping ;)
  11. kylecchh

    kylecchh Arachnoknight

    LMAO! Thanks! :)
  12. T_DORKUS

    T_DORKUS Arachnobaron Old Timer

    It'll happen when it happens. My LP is around the same size and stopped eating in November too. I used to buy slings when all my T's are in pre-molt. I just crossed the 50 mark. When I think of all the 10 gal tanks I'm gonna need, THAT stopped my impulse buying. Now instead of buying more T's, I've started building my own acrylic tanks just to keep busy. That's my advice to you- stay busy! It'll help pass the time until they molt.
  13. kylecchh

    kylecchh Arachnoknight

    True on that :) Thinking about purchasing an OBT sling soon.
  14. dukegarda

    dukegarda Arachnobaron

    Premolt? Not long at all. HA!

    I have a 2" beastie and it's been in premolt for 4 months now. It won't accept food, and it looks like a grape. I'm tired of waiting! I want to see more crickets massacred, NOW! :wall:

    Here's a pic.


    On a different note, my GBB 1.5" molted finally, after a 3 month wait. o_O;

    They have to... eventually... I don't think they really care about our schedules. They prefer their own.
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  15. kylecchh

    kylecchh Arachnoknight

    FOUR months? I couldn't wait that long... lol
  16. Dutcharachno

    Dutcharachno Arachnopeon

    Be patient my LP was about the same size , when its abdomen started to get black it took about another 6 weeks till it molted.
  17. kylecchh

    kylecchh Arachnoknight

    Ugh, mine doesn't even have a black abdomen yet!